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5 Golf Driving Tips For Beginners - Fix A Slice

The common problem that golfers of all levels deal is slicing the ball off the tee. Without a doubt this hitting a slice costs golfers more strokes than any part of the game.

When you miss the fairway because of your slice, it means having to play from the rough, out of trees, sand traps or worse, ending up in a water hazard.

There is more time and money spent learning to fix a slice than any other aspect of the game of golf. Yet, every time you head to the golf course you hear that infamous "FORE" being yelled out from another golfer.

Here are 5 golf driving tips to fix a slice.

1. Check Your Grip - Your grip is where everything starts. Grip the golf club incorrectly and you end up trying to make adjustments to your stance, ball position or swing path to compensate for your grip.

You should have what is commonly referred to as a neutral grip. This is when the "V" created by the creases formed by your thumb and forefinger point directly down the center of the shaft or your club.

If your grip is different, then you need to adjust your grip before making any other changes.

2. Tee the Ball Correctly - The location and height of the ball on the tee makes a big difference. Believe it or not, having your golf ball teed up too high or too low can affect the flight of the ball. The same thing goes for having the ball too far back or too far forward in your stance.

When setting up in your stance, the golf ball should be centered on the clubface from top to bottom and left to right. On every driver I have seen there is some type of marker that outlines the sweet spot of the clubface.

With your stance, the ball should be lined up just inside the instep of your forward foot. For right-handers that is the left foot and for left-handers it is just the opposite.

3. Control Your Speed - For some reason many golfers believe that you have to swing quickly in order to generate clubhead speed. The opposite is actually true. A slow smooth takeaway allows your body to coil like a spring. The winding up of your body when unleashed in the forward swing creates momentum that is translated into clubhead speed.

4. See Your Target - If you watch golf you see the pros take time to survey their shot. They are not admiring the scenery; they are picking a specific spot where they want to see the ball land. It does take some practice, but when you start to develop an image in your mind of where you want to see the ball land, your mind will focus on what your body has to do rather than what you don't want to happen.

5. Practice Swings - When you take your practice swings, you should be taking the swing as if you were actually taking your shot. As you visualize the shot, let your body feel the swing. When you prepare you mind and body for your shot, you are more likely to execute it.

The game of golf is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical. Take the time to prepare yourself mentally and your slice will start to disappear.

It doesn't matter if you are new to the game of golf or you have been playing for years, finding ways to shave strokes off your score is never ending. I have never met a golfer that was satisfied with their game and I doubt I ever will.

I know if you put these simple golf driving tips into practice that you will fix your slice.

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