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Golf Chipping Tips To Improve Your Short Game

Hitting long drives is fantastic but if your short game is not up to scratch you will use up a heap more strokes and before long loose the advantage of your awesome drive. An effective short game can make all the difference between winning and losing a match. Focus on your wedge and putter and watch those scores come tumbling down. Invest a decent chunk of your practice time into using your putter and wedge and see your game improve.


Knowing the stroke to play and developing a sure chipping stroke will give you confidence. When your faced with an awkward lie, confidence around the green will help you attack the pin just as you do when putting.

Careful thought needs to be given to playing the appropriate shot to give you the maximum opportunity of a makeable putt. Take the time to check out the lie of the land and whether there are any hazards, rough etc that could impact your shot. Once you have decided which shot to use go ahead and don't change your mind. Lack of commitment will frequently cause problems.

From the Fringe

If you have a good lie, take your 5 iron and position the ball toward the back of your stance. Aim your club face at the flag and use your putting grip at the bottom of the rubber. Swing short, slow and even with no wrist break. Judging your stroke if you are on the fringe is hard when using your putter. To lift the ball cleanly and onto the green use your 5 iron.

Over Apron

Take a slightly open stance and use your 7 iron. Aiming your clubface at the flag, position the ball towards the back of your stance. Taking a grip lower than usual on the club, with no wrist break, make a backswing and through swing of even length - keeping the left wrist firm through impact. To avoid hitting the uneven apron use a 7 iron instead of a putter.

Over a Hazard/Bunker

If the grass is long and likely to tangle but the lie is good use a sand wedge and an open stance. Position the ball in the centre of your stance, with your hands ahead of the club head. Aim the clubface at the flag and attempt to drop the ball on top of it. Position your grip lower than for a full wedge. Make a steep backswing and downswing by using an early wrist break. Be positive, too soft a touch will place the ball in the sand in front of you.


You will acquire improved feel for the club head and control over the shot if you grip further down than normal. Club head awareness is key to a sensitive greenside touch.


Maintaining most of your weight on your left foot is another tip that will aid anyone struggling with their chipping. As you swing keep your weight on the left foot. If you allow your weight to shift too much to the right foot it will cause your club head to swing in the opposite direction to what you need.

If you practice your chipping rolling three shots into two around the greens will become a reality. Keep it simple and it will help you to shrink your handicap.

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