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Best Ankle Braces for Basketball

2016/7/27 11:53:36

Basketball players who have a history of ankle injuries are required to wear an ankle brace to prevent the injury from worsening. Picking the best ankle brace requires careful attention to detail though, since an inappropriate brace can cause more damage.

Wearing an ankle brace while playing basketball is an effective way of preventing injuries during the game, and it is also a highly useful tool for someone who has suffered an ankle injury in the past and is still on the path to recovery. People who have a history of ankle injuries must wear these braces while they are playing basketball, so as to avoid a recurrence of their injury troubles. Many professional basketball players also wear these braces for the sole purpose of preventing injuries, since they are well aware that basketball is a game that often results in some pretty serious ankle damage.

The game involves a lot of high intensity movements by a player, and the constant jumping can lead to an ankle injury that stems from a sprained ankle. If a minor injury is not treated effectively, it can morph itself into full-fledged ligament damage, and this is something that takes years to recover from. As a result of this, basketball players are regularly advised to protect their ankle in any manner possible, and wearing ankle support braces for basketball is the best way to achieve this.

Top Ankle Braces for Basketball Players

Picking an ankle brace is something that needs to be paid close attention to, since there are many different types available in the market. Moreover, certain injuries require special kinds of ankle braces, so it is always best to consult a physiotherapist before settling on one. Trying on the brace itself is imperative, since putting on an ill-fitting brace can also lead to further damage. Many people feel that all such braces are similar, and this is a misconception that needs to be eradicated.

The support that these braces provide help a player get back to fitness faster, and it also helps him move around the court with less difficulty. There are some people for whom wearing an ankle brace while playing is something that they will have to do for the rest of their lives. While there are others for whom it speeds up the recovery process. Either way, it does take some time to get used to playing basketball with a brace on, since the brace restricts the movement and speed of the player to a certain extent.

ASO Ankle Brace
ASO is a brand that is famous for making some of the best ankle braces for athletes, and this particular brace is one of the best offerings by them. The design of the brace is such that it locks the ankle in a similar way that tying a tape around it would, and this inevitably leads to maximum protection of the ankle. People who are suffering from acute ankle problems should definitely try this brace, which is popularly recommended by many specialists. You can expect to pay around $30 for this one.

Cramer T2 Active Ankle Brace
This is a minimalistic and basic model that works wonders for someone who has had a serious ankle injury in the past. The design is such that it prevents any external contact on the ankle, and the strap which passes along the sole of the foot also prevents any injury that may occur when a basketball player lands awkwardly. A variety of sizes are available, and you can procure this brace for around $35.

McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace
This one will cost you around $25, and it is the most widely selling basketball ankle brace over the Internet. This particular brace is highly recommended by physiotherapists, and it is popularly used by many thousands of people. In fact, this brace is not just used by basketball players alone, but by athletes and sportsmen who play multiple other sports. The lightweight nature of this brace makes it highly effective and non-invasive, and its 2 layers of nylon and vinyl grant it several other benefits as well.

Tandem Swede-O Tarsal Lok Ankle Brace
The design of this particular ankle brace is so effective that it has actually been patented by the designers. Since the brace is available in a variety of sizes it can easily fit the ankle of any individual. Moreover, the inner portion of the brace is made of Fortilene, which causes the brace to take up the shape of the wearers ankle after a few hours of use. The brace costs around $28, but you can also find it for as little as $15 on some online portals.

Some other famous brands from whom you can get the best ankle brace for basketball are Air Cast, DonJoy, MalleoLoc, Procare and Zensah. Keep in mind that every individual's requirements are different because of the nature of their injury and the physical condition of their body. It is absolutely essential to consult a doctor and get his expert opinion before you settle on a specific one because the wrong kind of brace can inadvertently lead to worsening of the injury.
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