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How to Fill Your Players Emotional Tanks

Responsible coaches keep players emotional tanks full. What do we mean by this? A persons emotional tank is like a cars gas tank. When its full we can

Ex-Players Guide to Coaching Softball

Coaching is a highly visible position that carries with it many misconceptions. The most basic erroneous belief is that coaching is easy—easy from th

First-Aid Tips for Softball Coaches

During a typical softball season, in spite of the very best injury prevention plan, some injuries will occur. Most of these will be during practice, and yo

5 Ways Softball Coaches Can Improve Their Communication

As a coach, how you communicate with your players will go a long ways towards determining your ultimate success. Most people do not verbally express the

How to Talk to Your Softball Squad

How you communicate with your players and their parents will go far in determining what kind of season you have. Quite simply, if you communicate effective

4 Ways Coaches Can Teach the Fundamentals of Softball

If you have never taught or coached anything before, teaching a group of young boys or girls how to play softball can be rather intimidating. And as we di

How to Plan Your Softball Practices

To have successful practices, you must take into account the attention span and skill level of your players. If your playersare young and/or inexperienced

How to Set Effective Practice Goals

Practice is the most important part of any teams season—even more important than games. You will practice anywherefrom two to five times more often t

Offseason Fitness Tips From a USA Softball Infielder

USA softball had a successful trip to Guadalajara, Mexico for the 2011 Pan Am games where we captured a gold medal. While in Guadalajara we played a total

3 Ways Softball Players Can Stay Fit During the Holidays

How do holiday feasts fit in with training schedules and the proper nutrition? It is certainly a challenge to eat all of the right foods and keep my body p

Arm Mechanics for Young Softball Pitchers

Young fastpitch hurlers can often get overwhelmed by whats expected of them when on the mound. But as the saying goes, analysis can lead to paralysis, and

3 Lower-Half Keys for Softball Pitchers

Successful softball pitching isnt just about arm-strength, the lower-half of a young fastpitch hurler can make a huge difference to a pitchers effectivenes

Newbie Coachs Guide to Lineups

If youre new to coaching, creating a softball hitting lineup that gets everybody involved--and also gives you a chance to win--can be a challenge. Here a

How to Teach Your Squad to Catch Fly Balls

Catching a fly ball is one of the most difficult skills for a young player to learn. This is mainly because of a childs underdeveloped hand-eye coordinat

7 Steps to Perfect Throwing Mechanics

Players not throwing correctly? Teach your squad the proper way to throw a softball with this series of pre-game isolation drills. Throw No. 1: Indian Sty

The Truth Behind Sports Camps and Clinics

25 years ago sports camps were little more than summer diversions for kids who had too much sugar. Today, they represent not only a huge part of the you

4 Steps to Defending the Second Base Steal

Stopping your opponents running game can be a pivotal advantage, especially in close games. Unfortunately, many catchers lack good form because coaches d

4 Fun Softball Games For Kids

These softball drills teach kids the basics—hitting, running, throwing, and catching—in fun, simple ways that beginners will understand and e

4 Drills to Improve Game Speed

Increase your squads speed and quickness--and break up the monotony of practice--with these fastpitch jumping drills. Vertical Leap Drills: Equipment req

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