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Online shopping for Badminton,Volleyballs and Shuttlecocks

2016/7/27 15:37:30

Yonex badminton kit bag

In India online purchasing of products have considerably increased. There are many more good brands of badminton kit bags available in the online shopping. But among all the name Yonex is more prominent on the lips of all sportsmen. Among all branded products Yonex has its own name and quality and durability and affordability. It has different types of bags i e Yonex badminton kit bag , Yonex racket bags, Yonex luggage, Yonex Holdalls, Yonex backpacks, Yonex trolly bags can all be available in the online shopping.We do have Single racket bags, 3 racket bags.6 racket bags.9 racket bags are also available in our online shop. It is of high quality and excellent cost worthy.

Indian volleyball

Indian volleyball is a sport played in rural and as well as in urban. Both men and women would like to play in the junior to senior level In the schools and colleges. Some people form their own team and enjoy playing on the weekends. We in our online shop a wide range of volleyball equipment of different brands like MIKASA, SLASENZER, COSCO, NIVIA. We have NIVIA volleyball net etc. We offer volleyball and volleyball nets in the discounted price. The volleyballs of COSCO premier are hand sewn with 3 synthetic ply nylon thread and high quality synthetic compound for high durability. It has good backing strength for high shape retention.Even we do have different quality and durability volleyball Net in our online shop.

Badminton shuttlecock

The Badminton game became very popular in 1870s and 1880s as an outdoor social game with relaxing pastime. Mr . Duke of Beaufort who is called the "Father " of badminton and resided in England in Gloucestershire which is now called Avon. The Duke's residence called Badminton House on Badminton estate, became the name of the game. In the beginning, Badminton shuttlecock is made out of goose or duck feathers of its left wing . Now a day's shuttlecock is made of nylon. But it is cheaper and more durable, they are usually used by novices , school and clubs for practicing. But the disadvantage of this is it had bad in-flight stability but it can last for many practice sessions. We in our online shopping and service have the best quality of feather shuttlecocks as the importance of the game is getting advanced in Badminton. The most important features in the feather shuttles' are its durability, flight and speed. The brand RSL is one of the world famous top quality feather shuttlecocks which are used in international tournamen

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