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Tips for Parents With Kids Participating in Basketball Clubs

2016/7/27 15:40:27

One of the proudest moments for a parent is when their children become involved with local basketball clubs either through their school or community center. Many parents beam with pride at their child making it through rigorous try outs to become part of a successful team unit. This makes parents feel as though they have succeeded and can be a great feeling, especially for dads. While it is a great experience to go to the games and cheer for your children, sometimes parents can end up putting a lot of pressure on their children to perform well in the sport. This pressure can be unhealthy and cause children to lose interest in participating in the sport of basketball.

Parents and fathers especially can be a bit demanding when watching their children play in local basketball clubs. Every dad thinks that his son or daughter is going to be the shining star on the team and also score the final basket of the game that will send their team on to victory. Unfortunately, this is rarely ever going to happen. Most children who play basketball are average at best, which means that when a child under performs and does not fulfill the parent's expectations, it can produce a sense of disappointment in the parent toward the child. This results in the parent pushing the child to practice harder and do better and can make the child feel as though the love and approval of the parent rests on their game time performance. Try and keep realistic expectations for your children and realize that if they are not a star athlete that is okay.

It is important that parents of kids involved in basketball clubs be encouraging influences in their lives. Children are not always going to play well, and this often leads to feeling defeated and discouraged. Parents need to take time to listen to their children talk about their playing experience and to encourage them to recognize their weaknesses and work toward overcoming them. This does not mean being critical, but being understanding. Be at as many games as possible and cheer for the child regardless of how well they are playing.

Another important tip for parents of children in basketball clubs is to make sure that children get plenty of rest and still make schoolwork a priority. Children need to put their education first, so it is your responsibility to make sure that school comes first and that your children succeed in getting a good education.

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