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The Splendid Experience of Watching a Basketball Match in High Definition

2016/7/27 15:42:16

How does it feel to sit in your home relaxed with a can of beer and some snacks? What kind of feeling and enjoyment would you get watching an exciting and engaging match in high definition? The answers to these questions are simple. The feeling you get sitting relaxed in your house with some snacks and drinks in front of your high definition TV is indefinable. It is indefinable because you need to experience it by yourself rather than hear it from someone else.

Yesterday, I watched the nail biting finish between the Washington Wizards and the Boston Celtics on my HD TV. The match was awesome and the Boston Celtics took the game right from the Washington Wizards in the final period. If you are a Celtics fan, it would have been one of the best games of your team. The team's experienced and famous players did their job perfectly and proved to their critics and fans why they are considered the best. It was undoubtedly one of the best games of the Celtics, making sure that they climb up the rankings.

For the Washington Wizards, it was indeed a discontenting performance. In the first half they were able to stand-up against the Celtics, making sure that the game would be a close one. But destiny had planned something else. You can say that destiny favored the Celtics in the form of Paul Pierce, the star player of the Celtics. Pierce scored 34 points and took just 15 shots in doing so. It also made him the topmost player in the team's ranking, defeating his counterpart Bass. His last half an hour showdown with the opposing team gave the game a nail biting finish.

Not to forget if you are a Wizard fan, it was a tough luck as they had a great chance of winning the game, but unfortunately fortune favored the Celtics. John Wall, the star player of the Wizards, gave a tough competition to the Pierce and run for his money. He scored 27 points which was one of his best knock-out points and this season's best. You may feel sad for him, but Wall has no qualms in seeing his efforts go waste. He said that the Celtics played much better than his team, especially Pierce. Being one of the best players of the NBA league and the star player of the team, Wall felt that they could have contained him. The Wizards should have been more aggressive towards Pierce and tried to get the ball from his hands.

He felt that they weren't able to tackle Pierce and move the ball away from him. Wall even praised Pierce and said that when a best player wants a ball, he will get it at any cost and no one can stop him. The same can be said about Pierce. Once he was going, none of the opposition players could stop him and contain him. Besides that even the other team members of Wizard couldn't chip in that much of their contribution in scoring points. That could be one reason why the Wizards started to lag when the scored reached 84-83, where the Washington were 84 and the Celtics were 83 respectively.

Ultimately, you could say that the superb and par by excellence performance by Pierce made sure that his team won the game and slightly pushed the team up in the ranking spot. For hardcore NBA fans, there are still more exciting and electrifying matches coming up. Make sure to watch them in high definition which is present in most of the deals offered by cable TV providers like Verizon FiOS Deals. So enjoy and have a blast of a time.

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