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Impossible to Bet on NBA During Lockout? It's Not So Bad

2016/7/27 15:42:35

Maybe we won't be able to bet on NBA more during lockout but it may not be so bad after all. Looking at the bright side won't hurt a bit.

If you are still sad about that fact despite the New Year coming in, read below to cheer up a little.

R & R or Rest and Recovery

Know that basketball players play year round the hoops and that's right, they also work as hard during the off-season as they do during the season. Michael Jordan didn't become a basketball icon just by sitting on the bench, he sweated and worked hard for it. Fortunately during off-season, players get to include rest and recovery in their workout itinerary.

Playing basketball is their job and as much as we want to, money can't magically heal a fatigued body.

Also, we need to think about basketball players who are in the sunset of their careers. Namely Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Garnett and the list goes on. They're not getting any younger and as a human fact, as we get older, the body can be quite hard to maintain and staying healthy may require extra effort. Now with extra rest because of the NBA lockout, they can rest longer and perhaps slow down the aging process.

For players who have suffered injuries like Rudy Gay, David West and Caron Butler, they can now heal and rest and rehab for an extensive period of time.

So don't mope about not being able to bet on NBA teams as much as you want, you just have to consider that the players you see on TV or on court are well, people too. They just have superhuman abilities to dunk on hoops like monsters and run really fast.

82 Games or 66 Games?

The debate about the length of the NBA season has been argued for years. A 50 game season is too short but is an 82-game season long? A 66-game season may just do the trick with the length and good news is that every game will count, there won't be any nights off. Expect to see competitive basketball and NBA action at its best and perhaps the demand for tickets will go up. We may event see more sellouts after all.

If it's really bad and you need your betting fix and you can't get it because you can't bet on NBA games, then there are other options like hockey, football, horse racing and more. They are also conveniently available at Sportsbook.com – where it's free to join and you may even get bonuses.

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