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A Guide to Scuba Diving on Holiday

Going away on holiday is a time to let your hair down, have some fun and possibly even have an adventure or two. Depending on where you decide to go on ho

Preparing for a Scuba Diving Holiday

A scuba diving holiday will be a fantastic experience, especially if proper arrangements are made well before time. Much like other holidays, the more tha

Thrill Adds Excitement To Life

Living normal life may not get to experience this kind of adrenaline rush in their normal professional and personal life. Adventurous activities like ridi

Freediving Teaches You How To Live The Moment Underwater Without Any Breathing Apparatus

If you want to experience the intense pleasure of living the moment underwater then freediving is just right for you. You can enjoy the freedom just like

What to do once arrived at the dive site

If, however, conditions are suitable for diving, you should then get all your equipment together, check that you have everything and assemble your aqualun

Dip 'N Dive offers new great scuba diving packages at affordable prices

Dip ‘N Dive, leading US online diving gear store, has announced great offer for scuba packages designed by Scuba Diving Center instructors team. All packa

What Really Defines Marine Wildlife Harassment?

Whether youre diving, snorkeling, using your scuba dive packages or just enjoying time in your sailboat, it is important to be aware of your surroundings.

Know How Your Dive Computer Works Inside Out

Before you make a decision about buying certain dive computer, lets answer some common questions about it. In this article you will find basic and general

Dip `n Dive introduces exclusive lifetime service Warranty on Scuba Diving equipment

Dip `n Dive, the leading online scuba diving store, announces new upgrades to its existing scuba equipment sales policy. From the April, 2011, with every

Dip 'N Dive announces pre-sale of new Casio G-Shock GDF-100 Series Watches

Dip N Dive, leading scuba diving store and Premier Casio Dealer, is announcing the beginning of the pre-sale for newly introduced Casio G-Shock GDF-100 Wa

Discount scuba gear? That sport not only for the rich

Discount Golf can in some cases the only way to acquire for some people, golf clubs or other necessary items. The general belief is that golf is the most

Why Buy Scuba Gear, Wetsuit, and Snorkel Packages?

We all know how frustrating it can be when trying to decide which equipment or products are the best options for us.  So my question is, how do you know w

4 Check Points While Selecting Dive Computer

After you finish reading this page – you will have clear understanding of what you need to pay attention to before making your final decision. It is not a

An Overview of the Famous Sea Turtles of Sipadan

Literally everyone who visits the island of Sipadan will at some point be able to see some of the beautiful sea turtles that have made the island so popul

The Adventure of Snorkeling in the Waters of Sipadan Island

The waters around the beautiful Malaysian island named Sipadan are teeming with marine life of all shapes and sizes. Whether youre looking for sharks, tur

The Excellent Benefits That Sipadan Packages Can Add to Your Vacations

There are many reasons why people all over the world choose Sipadan packages when they want to go on a peaceful relaxing vacation and forget about the pro

The Formation of the Oceanic Island of Sipadan and its Rich Wildlife

Rising 600 meters from the seabed, Sipadan is the only oceanic island found in Malaysia. Formed by corals growing on top of a volcanic cone, the island is

Reliable Scuba Diving Gear for Superior Quality

Think recreational sports, think scuba diving! Scuba diving is indisputably one of the most popular recreational sports. It is the most exhilarating form

Scuba Diving the Coral Reefs Near Taba Heights

Taba Heights can be found in the very north of the Gulf of Aqaba near the border with Israel. The dive sites are attract a wide range of colourful fish an

Choosing the Right Sipadan Package

Through the years, the Sipadan experience has attracted many expert and novice divers as well as tourists and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world

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