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Questionhi another question.ive been watching hockey and always stop play because of icing.What is exactly icing? srry to ask you so many questions! Answe

4 Types of Skaters

QuestionHello Guy: I read someplace that there are 4 types of skaters, one of them being called a Walker.  Can you name and explain the 4 types and wh

had to make new message

Questioni had to make a new message but thanks for your help guy.  I still dont know if i will have the money.  I know this is a long-shot but h

Mental funk

QuestionHi there, Im 35 playing in a adult hockey leagues B division. I played a couple of years housleague as a kid then hung up the skates until I was

half a stop..wheres the rest

QuestionIve been on the ice for about a year..prior to that i played lots of roller hockey.  I have a decent hockey stop but i can only seem to use my


QuestionJust went to a game and a question came up.  How come in the face-offs the ref often kicks out one or both of the players and chooses differen

How to promote

QuestionGuy, What is the best way to get my son (currently in 8th grade) to being recruited for College hockey. Some of the High School coaches have asked

hockey fights

QuestionWhy are fights allowed in hockey AnswerHello, Basically, the physical nature of the game and the fact that when the game was first created there


Questionyou know the sock that you wear over the shin protectors? Yeah I dont know how to tape it on! i really want to know PLEASE!!! help me! thank you A

goalie question about butterfly

QuestionHi I am 15 years old (almost 16), about 59 with 32 goalie pads. I can never quite get a closed off 5 hole in my butterfly. What can I do to change

Hoping Its Not To Late !

QuestionHey Im a 24 year old hockey player, that hasnt been able to play competitively for a while now.  I mean Ive played in adult leagues and done


Questionhey guy, i really appriciate the help you gave me with the last question.  Now my new question is im a small guy at 57, now i carry more muscl

hockey drills at home.

QuestionQUESTION: I am looking for exercises for my five year old son to do at home to help strengthen himself for hockey.  Also he is just learning t

hockey terms and what they mean

QuestionHi, Guy.I just went to my first hockey game and didt know alot of things they said.Like, icing, goal tending, slapshot, I cant think what else. Cou

Hockey PLUS/MINUS stat

QuestionAt what level, what age does plus/minus stat become a relevant stat or tool to use as a coach? AnswerHi Chris... This is always a fun stat to pla

career in USA

QuestionHello  Martial! My name is Stanislav. I am Russian. I play the second season the Junior В in USA.I am 19 years old.I have started to pla

moving up at 24

QuestionOk, so Im a goalie, 24, living in ottawa On. I got into the game late, (grade 10ish) with floor hockey and moved to ice from there. It is my great

Peewee player - hockey stick flex

QuestionMy son uses a one-piece CCM Vector VSE OPS orange stick.  It is labeled 20kp Junior Flex 50.    His coach was working with him one-

Defenseman stick

QuestionQUESTION: What type of stick is best for a 6 200 lb defenseman. My son plays AAA travel and is on the Varsity HS team and seams to go through at le

Skate sharpening

QuestionIve been skating with a 3/8 grind, but recently upgraded my skate.  The new skates also have a 3/8 grind, but they seem a lot edgier - almost

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