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12U ASA softball - requesting timeout


Whan may the defense be granted timeout during live ball
play? Specifically - girl #1 on 1st, batter/runner makes it to 2nd on a hit. Girl #1 makes it safely to third, rounds 3rd towards home gets caught in a rundown. Catcher chases girl #1 back to 3rd, girl #1 is in contact with third. As soon as catcher throws to pitcher girl #1 leaves 3rd (she leaves before ball gets to pitcher). Pitcher throws back to catcher, now the cycle starts again.
I believe that when all runners are on (in stationary contact with, not rounding) their base, the defense can request and be granted timeout. I.e. this is the legitimate way to stop the never ending rundown cycle.


Hi Bill,

We're having a winter storm here and my DSL was down, sorry for the delay.

I actually think there are 2 answers needed here.  From me, the look back rules and from either Coach Larry or Coach Mike defensive techniques.

As far as "time" the umpire needs a reason to grant it.  In fp the ball continues as you know to be alive.  I'm afraid the reason you want time for is not part of the fp game.

The runner must adhere to the look back rule as soon as the pitcher has control of the ball in the circle  This severely limits her options unless a play is made.

I know a play is going to be made... but if a runner is moving to a base (other than 1st) when the pitcher receives the ball in the circle they may stop once and then immediately advance to the next base or return to the previous base.  If they are stationary when the pitcher has the ball in the circle they must immediately advance to the next base or return to the previous base.

Defense properly taught, practiced and performed should make your problem a non-issue.  I'm sure Larry or Mike can help you with that.


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