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A Few Tips For Skating In Leicester

2016/7/23 15:22:29

When the time comes and it is time for children and adults to visit the Leister on Ice, there are a few tips for skating in Leicester that individuals should remember. They are helpful and useful for everyone regardless of age or size. And, these tips can be a great help to avoid mishap and bad circumstances.

It is not a good idea when visiting the Leicester on Ice to have taken any type of drugs or medication; it’s also not wise to be skating in Leicester when you have had alcohol. These things can cause accidents that nobody really wants to see happen or it can even be the result of a person being asked to leave the skating rink altogether.

Another tip is to make sure that anything that happens or incidents that occur while you are at the rink; you let the ice marshals know about it immediately after all that’s what they are skating around for. And yes, there are some you will see with yellow vests on literally skating on the ice just for you and your safety! Wear ice skates when you are skating in Leicester that fit right. Make sure they aren’t too big or too small; honestly you won’t have much fun. The entire idea is to have fun while you skate. The rink offers double bladed skates that can actually be attached to a small child’s shoe so there’s no worry of a small child having skates that are too big for them. The Leicester on Ice has just about everything you want or need to have a great time.

Dressing warm is yet another tip, and obviously if you are warm you will have a better time skating. Although, the Ice Caf is open during the same hours as the ice rink so anyone can enjoy a snack or warm drink.

Being considerate of others is always a good thing as well, and skating in Leicester will be so much fun if there are a few rules followed too. Simply have a good time and listen to the ice marshals while there.

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