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How Can Synchronized Skating Help my (or my child’s) Figure Skating?

.icx-toolbar-closure{clear: both;}.icx-toolbar-align-right{float: right;} Drill teams and precision have received a bad wrap. While some parents may have l

What You Need to Know About Skate Sharpening

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Reflecting on Ice Skating’s Greatest Scandal

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How to Choose Music for a Sport that Requires Music

.icx-toolbar-closure{clear: both;}.icx-toolbar-align-right{float: right;}5 Steps for Figure Skaters Let’s face it.  There are many sports that require

Skate Sharpening: What You Need to Know

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Gold Medal Test Recognition

.icx-toolbar-closure{clear: both;}.icx-toolbar-align-right{float: right;}Hot Topics in Adult Skating Let’s face it; we all know that adult gold moves in th

Parenting An Athlete

.icx-toolbar-closure{clear: both;}.icx-toolbar-align-right{float: right;}copyright Ice Skating World LLCI have observed parents that have been too underactive a

SK8 Sports-Figure Skating App

.icx-toolbar-closure{clear: both;}.icx-toolbar-align-right{float: right;}The all-in-one app that every skater needs There’s no better way to learn skating than

The Lives of Hockey and Figure Skating Parents really aren’t that different

.icx-toolbar-closure{clear: both;}.icx-toolbar-align-right{float: right;}It all starts by taking your 3 year old to the rink for “learn to skate” lessons as som

5 Ways to Make Better Skating Progress this Season

.icx-toolbar-closure{clear: both;}.icx-toolbar-align-right{float: right;}by Marta Nilsen, PSA Master-rated coachDo you have goals for this upcoming 2015-16 skat

Balanced Diets for the Athlete

.icx-toolbar-closure{clear: both;}.icx-toolbar-align-right{float: right;}Athletes are often asked to push their bodies beyond normal tolerance levels, resulting

Indoor Speed Skating 101

Indoor Speed Skating 101 An introduction to indoor speed skating for skaters who have never tried it before, by Jim Fink (part 1 of 8). INDOOR SPEED SKATING 101

Skating the Dikes of Holland

Skating the Dikes of Holland Swedish skater Daniel Edman shares what its like to skate on the dikes of Holland where he encountered smooth pavement, strong wind

Skating the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

Skating the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge Photos of me skating on the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, Minnesota. All of these photos were taken by Kathie Fry t

Skating the Palma Waterfront Trail

Skating the Palma Waterfront Trail City of Palma, Mallorca Island, Spain A collection of pictures taken by SkateLog editor Kathie Fry while she was skating the

History of the Zwaantjes Roller Club (ZRC)

History of the Zwaantjes Roller Club (ZRC) Zandevoorde, Belgium The region of Vlaanderen (Flanders) in Belgium is well known for its canals, beautiful flat land

How to Stay Cool in a Helmet

How to Stay Cool in a Helmet How to select the right helmet for skating in very hot weather, tips for staying hydrated, and how to keep you

Make a Skating T-Shirt Memory Quilt

Make a Skating T-Shirt Memory Quilt Are your closets filled with dozens of t-shirts from past skating events, but you still cant bear to throw any of them out?

Foot Odor Prevention and Treatment

Foot Odor Prevention and Treatment DOES YOUR SKATING STINK OR IS IT YOUR FEET?  When you come home from skating does your family make you take off your ska

Daniels Wild Week in Mallorca

Daniels Wild Week in Mallorca Part: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 In April of 2001 Swedish inline speed skater Daniel Edman traveled with 40 o

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