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SK8 Sports-Figure Skating App

2016/7/25 9:09:29

skating appThe all-in-one app that every skater needs

There’s no better way to learn skating than through a teacher’s lessons and experience. However, if you have smartphone, you can download the SK8 Sports-Figure Skating App to improve your skills when practicing alone.

The SK8 app has all the information on skating that every enthusiast of the sport needs. The videos and lessons are all provided by the best athletes in the world of skating, so users can be assured of the quality of the written articles and instructional videos. Users can zoom, pause, and slow down the playback of the videos to understand the tutorials at their own pace.

Sk8 has dozens of useful video demonstrations of skating elements, from basic jumps to advanced double axels, which are usually taught in national skating programs.

SK8 isn’t just an app that teaches practical lessons. Rather, it’s also a program that feeds the mind. In it, users can learn all about the sport as it has a complete glossary of figure skating terms, rules in competitions, how to take care of skates and other equipment, and fitness programs that work well with figure skaters.

Apps like SK8 have millions of followers because it follows a successful trend. SK8, despite being an instructional app, is also a program where people can play games. Spin Genie, an entertainment hub operated by Gaming Realms, is one of the pioneers of this idea, adding a storyline to casual games that are usually just operated with a press of a button.

On the way to skating practice, users can kill off time by entertaining themselves with fun games and trivia. The app has a number of built-in games that are related to skating including dress up, crossword puzzles, matching game, skating trivia, mazes, and the app’s very own Zami Ice Smoother.

The app also works as some sort of social media as users all over the world can chat, ask questions about figure skating, and share techniques with each other through video recordings.

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