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The Benefits of Overnight Camps in New England for Children

During the summer months, many children frequently ask their parents what the latest plans are and what they are going to do for their vacation. Short trips, outings to the local pool and summer reading lists are generally on the agenda, but parents should also consider the benefits of overnight camps in New England for their children.

A Different Experience
Participating in the same activities over and over again simply becomes boring for anyone, and that is particularly true for children. When youngsters go to camp, they will have the opportunity to play sports, make new friends, try their hands at art projects and learn how to amuse themselves on rainy days. The activities that children find they love at camp should translate into a new hobby or an extracurricular activity when they come back home.

Meeting New People
While some children grow up in major cities where they have constant exposure to other people and traditions, others spend the better part of their lives in small towns where everyone is exactly the same as they are. Even meeting youngsters from other parts of the same country or state can help to teach them about the differences in culture, language and perspective that permeate society. An open-mind is so important for children in a world that relies heavily on global connections, and fostering this sense of kindness and acceptance early on in children is of utmost importance.

Learning Responsibility

When children go away to camp, they are, of course, monitored by counselors and the staff; however, they do not have their own individual adult to guide them as they do at home. Sending children away to camp can help them to learn some basic skills to live independently. For example, they will quickly see that they need to make their own beds, clean up after themselves once a meal is offering and resolve minor issues with friends by themselves/

Cooler Climate
New England summers can certainly be very hot and humid, but they generally, on a day-to-day basis, do not get as warm as some other places deeper south in the country do. The temperatures can get so hot elsewhere that children do not even want to spend time outdoors because it is overwhelming warm out there. Going to New England will provide them with plenty of outdoor time and lots of fresh air. Spending more time in nature can be rejuvenating and inspiring for the mind, body and soul.

Overnight camps in New England come in all different shapes and sizes, so parents need not feel as though they must pick one particular program. Instead, they can look at different brochures and packages with their children to decide which would be the best fit for them.

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