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Edu Marin - Catalonian Climbing In The Best Shape Of His Life

You’re in amazing shape at the moment, have you been training lots?

It's true that i'm feeling super good on all levels at the moment. I'm happy and psyched, looking for projects that motivate me and bring out the best in me. These last years I haven't trained at all, but all of my projects have forced me to improve, to learn and to motivate myself even more for what's next.

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Tell us a bit about Seleccion Anal, how did you find the route?

Seleccion Anal is an incredible route. You cover around 35m of exceptional rock. You can divide it in to two main sections - the first one's a 9a, then a little break, and then the second section which is 8b+.

Edu Marin 100% commitment 

For you, is climbing more of a lifestyle or a job?

For me climbing is much more than a passion, much more than just a job. It's a way of understanding how life works. It's my way of life.

Catalonia is seeing a real surge of strong climbers and hard routes recently. What is it that makes the area so special?

Catalunya is the climbing epicentre of the world. It's got a great climate, great people, high quality rock, tons of it, and it's a paradise.

Edu Marin high up and overhanging 

Do you have any big trips planned for the future?

This year I'm trying to work out whether to go to Yosemite or stay in Catalunya to try and do my first 9b. I need to think about it. But I've always got some plan on the go, it's part of my motivation and the key to my happiness.

Edu Marin shows off his fitness!    See more from Edu Marin in Epic Climber, here.

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