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Best Pole Climbing Training Equipment

The best pole climbing training equipment will make you more able to climb poles of all kinds in a quicker, faster and more surefire way. Pole climbing training equipment is made by all sorts of brands, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Pole climbing training equipment consists of things like belts, nut bags, holsters, climber straps, and pole straps, just to name a few.

  1. Buckingham Titanium Climber. The Buckingham Titanium Climber is just the thing you need for your pole climbing training equipment. These are gold titanium, contoured shank climbers that are paired with Buckingham's Velcro pads. To allow a more reliable climb up poles, this climber provides less flexibility thanks to its thicker shank construction.
  2. Bucksqueeze Auxilliary Web Lanyard. A fall arrest strap, an indispensable item in your basic pole climbing training equipment, the Bucksqueeze Auxilliary Web Lanyard is a safety lanyard meant to stop pole climbers during accidental falls. It has a length of six feet that you can customize however you want in addition to a permanent attachment, called a carabiner, on one end for the belt.
  3. Buckingham Lineman's Belt 2000M. As a pole climber, you are only as good as your lineman's belt, and the Buckingham Lineman's Belt 2000M is an essential piece of pole climbing training equipment. This lineman's belt is made out of only the best type of leather to ensure that it has that feeling of already having been worn, immediately when you go to put it on. When you climb a pole, you'll appreciate this belt's generosity of allowing you a four inch lateral movement thanks to its sliding dees. This ensures that the pole strap doesn't get worn down as fast.

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