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Within its range of training courses can be found:

Climbing courses: Sport climbing is a style that uses fixed anchors to the wall above (usually in compact rock and away from edges or cracks by mechanical-expansion-or chemical-epoxy-) placed strategically on the road , so you can focus more on the technique and some difficult steps. Sport climbing is characterized by significantly reducing the risk of the climber.

Classic climbing courses: The classic climbing dogs, can be possible using traditional alpine ie climb a route by which the first of the rope is installed insurance, either natural anchors (trees, rock bridges, points rock) or recoverable artificial anchors (nails, knots embedded, stoppers, friends, ...).

ski course: This course's main objective is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that allow mountain skiing and develop a risk sport winter mountain, in safety, autonomy and respect for the winter natural environment.

ice climbing course: Learn the techniques of ice climbing and progress autonomously by cascades of ice.
The course is aimed at those who already have previous knowledge of rock climbing and want to expand access to the mountain winter by brokers, and cascades of ice goulottes

Climbing courses all year: Bringing students to the mountain, passing on the passion of the climbers and instructing them to know and respect its rules. Students will learn all the basics for all field progression in low and medium difficulty mountain (F & PD) and the self-rescue techniques, essential tools that enable frequent autonomy and safe environments mountain. We work with small groups and personalized attention.

In its section on climbing ascents of the Pyrenees offers, including the Alps, Mont Blanc: To achieve the summit we will acclimatize in a nice a nearby mountain, the Gran Paradiso 4.065m, Italy. Where, in addition, we review all the techniques of progression in the mountains to meet with success, such an undertaking.

Within this there are 3 different routes: Route Gouter, Route via the Pope and 4 thousands Italia.

this section on alps includes ascents of Mount Rose: The Monte Rosa is of size and importance, the second mountain range in the Alps and the highest in Switzerland. It extends over Italian and Swiss territory.
The mountain was named in recognition of William-Henri Dufour, engineer and Swiss army officer.

Matterhorn is perhaps the best known mountain in the Alps for its spectacular pyramid reproduced multiple times. It is located on the border between Switzerland and Italy, among the Swiss town of Zermatt and Cervinia Italy in the valley of Tournanche

4000s the Swiss Valais: Traditionally this canton is divided into the Lower Valais (Bas Valais) to the west and the Upper Valais (Wallis Ober) east, being the first that presents less altitudes warmer climates and higher human population.

Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau: To successfully perform these ascents, it is essential to be in excellent physical condition. The routes are long and requires considerable physical effort.

Within international climbing Toubkal ascent offer: ur knowledge of mountaineering and climbing to the main peaks of over four thousand meters from the Western High Atlas take us much further will take us a mix of cultures: the Moroccan culture and Berber . We are confident that this trip will not disappoint.

Finally, the Aconcagua: in terms of mountaineers, Aconcagua is technically simple from the north side, through the normal route from the northwest, in which there is no need to use techniques of climbing. The effects of altitude are severe (atmospheric pressure is 40% of the existing sea level) generally causing reduction of physical capacities in the climbers.

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