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Uses Of Tree Spikes

Tree spikes are one of the many supplies necessary for arborists, tree enthusiasts, and other professionals in the field that are significant for climbing trees, and other purposes. These are usually fastened on the boots to give the climber enough support to climb up a tree and prevent falling down. These are also called �tree spurs’ which are made from stainless steel and crafted in different lengths. More often, there is an ankle wrap, foot wrap or lower leg wrap, another part attached to the leg or foot of the climber, which helps in maintaining good climbing pace. Because these make climbing less difficult, this is very crucial when studying tree parts, etc.

Tree spikes describe safety precautions that will prevent risks of falling from a tree, injury, and even fatality. In the market, there are two kinds of climbing spurs available. Each kind has its distinct use and aesthetics. The first type is short and made from stainless steel. This spike is around one inch in length and is utilized for reaching telephone posts, trees, and hydro poles. This can support users with up to 400 pounds of weight. Long spikes, on the other hand, are also crafted using stainless steel and have length of two inches. These are suitable when climbing trees with large and thick branches or parts and can also carry up to 400 pounds of weight. For beginners, long spikes are recommended for use because these have more grip than shorter types.

Tree spikes come in variations and are available in reliable companies or brands. For more choices, here are other kinds of designs that can be considered:

* Sport climber tree spikes � These are designed based on the traditional model if lumberjacks wore although these are lighter in weight (Less than three pounds). These are easy to attach in backpacks and are hassle-free. Usually, people who like to do mountain climbing and other extreme sports can use these. For arborists, these may provide competitive assistance.

* Ninja climbing foot spikes � These are quality supplies that are coated with powder and can help attain optimum performance. These often come in affordable prices and with multipurpose straps for easier mobility.

* Gecko carbon fiber climbers � These employ carbon fiber technology that reflect well the name. These come in lightweight types and are very functional.

* Titanium tree climbers � These are spurs made up of titanium that will ensure rust-free gear. Other than being durable, these are also light.

* Klein steel tree climbing spurs � These are easy to use and comfortably fitting types of spikes. These are quality products that come in reasonable prices.

Climbing spikes are also called spurs because these put grip into the tree and provide support to climb up. However, these are best partnered with other safety gears to make climbing easier. These are available in stores and online shops and come in various designs, colors, and price range. In purchasing one, it will be best to trust only companies known for high quality. In this way, customers will get their money’s worth and will be ensured of their safety.

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