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Awesome Places to Bike in Nebraska

2016/7/25 11:43:31

Nebraska is situated on the Great Plains and it is pretty much considered flat in a geographical sense. Bikers should not fret however. There are still tons of enjoyable places to go riding. There are some hills in the eastern part of the state. Panorama Point is the highest point in Nebraska with an elevation of 5,424 feet. Below are some of the trails that the state of Nebraska has to offer.

The Pine Ridge Trails near Chadron have about 50 miles worth of state park trails that are well-marked and well-maintained. There is something here for everyone. Intermediate to advanced riders will find some rocky, technical trails to test your skills. You'll even find a steep climb or two! There are accommodations for camping nearby so you can spend even more time exploring the area. There's lots of wildlife in the area as well.

The Wilderness Trail near Lincoln offers 18 miles of trails for bike riding. The trails are not very challenging, however you ride on them all day for a super workout. Look out for hikers, equestrians, and even wildlife when riding.

Swanson Park close to Bellevue is a 6-mile loop. It is advisable to go the same way as the other bikers or you may be run off the trail. This ride is very popular so the track gets busy with many hikers, equestrians, and other cyclists. Nonetheless, the track is properly maintained and offers many uphill and downhill sections and even some tree roots for technical challenges.

Platte River State Park near South Bend is 12 miles of steep and technical singletrack. There are lots of switchbacks and exposed drops and the downhill sections can be particularly brutal. Check with the park ranger before you ride because certain hours are for horseback riding only. You will also need a park permit to ride as well. Most visitors are shocked that such steep hills actually exist in Nebraska, but they do!

Indian Cave State Park near Auburn is another haven for experienced riders. The 26-mile trail is steep and technical with some very tight switchbacks. The area is not too crowded because of its difficulty. If you're not in shape you may spend some time walking your bike so be sure to bring bug repellent to keep the bugs off of you! The trails can be a little slippery because of the sandy dirt that was used to make them, so it's best to avoid them after a rain. After a day of jumps, climbs, and screaming descents you can rest at the great campground there.

Potters Field close to Brady Nebraska has several trails all made for the advanced rider. There are uphill sections that will impress visitors because they are some of the steepest in the whole state, nonetheless, the descents are well wroth the climb! There are 30 miles of trails so bring a pal just in case.

Usually there can be a lot of rainfall in Nebraska during the spring and this makes the muddy trails quite dangerous. As well riding on muddy trails leaves deep ruts that other riders do not like. The time to ride is during the summer and early fall. When riding in out of the way places, always watch out for wildlife and stay safe!
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