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Polar Heart Rate Monitors - Options for Cyclists

2016/7/25 11:43:31

Polar heart rate monitors are most trusted for their excellent timing and training advantage. Most athletes as well as sports and health enthusiasts train with a Polar watch because of its excellent fitness and training monitoring functions. With over 30 different models available in the market, the brand offers a wide selection of heart rate monitors that can be strapped to the handlebars of your bicycle, giving you a fine range of Polar heart rate monitor for cyclists.

Polar heart rate monitors are equipped with small computers which report a variety of feedback from a cycling session. The forms of feedback typically include speed, distance, heart rate, pacing. For those training for a big cycling race, this type of feedback is absolutely essential to proper training sessions. For those who are using cycling to get in shape and lose unwanted stored fat, this feedback allows them to get in the best workout for fat burning purposes. The compact Polar monitors make workouts more effective for everyone.

The advantages to using a Polar watch are the same for the cyclist who just wants to stay in shape, the cyclist who just beginning professional training, and the cyclist who has been a pro for some time. There are some very unique features now presented by Polar that give even more of an advantage over athletes who train without this tool. For instance, you can now find a watch that counts how many calories you have burned, automatically monitors your target heart rate zones, and which gives fitness tests to monitor improvement.

The most effective way to use these advanced monitor features is to purchase a watch that can transfer stored data directly to a computer. This allows the cyclist to complete their training session then download the information for analysis into the computer. For instance, a cyclist who has completed a variety of fitness tests to monitor changes in heart rate, stress levels, and recovery levels can download the results of those tests right into their computer and find out a variety of information about that cycling session, including: pedal revs, altitude, total distance, exact route taken, ascents and descents, and the continuous heart rate during the workout.

Polar heart rate monitors can be used no matter what the weather is like outside and they are designed to be very easy to use. This ensures that literally anyone can take advantage of them, regardless of their level of expertise in the market. Interfacing the Polar watch with a computer makes it very simple to analyze the results of fitness tests and even get limited updates for the watch.

All of those functional perks do not mean the Polar monitors are completely flawless. For instance, many users complain that data download speeds are incredibly slow and that there can be some inaccuracies with the reported results. The accuracies often come from the inability of the monitor to pause when the user drops speed, such as stopping for traffic when cycling on a busy road. Since the watch continues counting overall heart rate and speed even though the user has stopped completely, the reported data for average heart rate, speed, and cadence can be incorrect.

Let's take a quick look at some of the top selling Polar heart rate monitors and the features that set them apart in the market. The Polar CS600X is a great sports watch with GPS, G3 technology, and all of the other basic features of a monitoring watch. The Polar CS300, CS100 and CS200cad report top notch feedback on the body and have a nice cadence sensor. The Polar FT40, FT60 and FT80 are some of the smartest watches currently available and all feature separate models for men and women. The Polar RS800CX is a great model for professional athletes because it practically sees everything going on inside the body. It is a limited edition issue designed especially for professional cyclists.

Hence, Polar heart rate monitors simply designed to adapt to your training requirements to help you stay motivated in improving your fitness and cycling performance.
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