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Lightning Strikes Twice – Monteleone “Blood Shot” Tube

A few months ago Midsouth tackle released my signature bait it came out under the name 0095 Monteleone Silver. The response was overwhelming, thousands of baits sold in weeks. Folks who ordered a small package of 18 fished them and soon called back to get the 100 pack of the Monteleone sliver tubes. I received this testimonial from one veteran Tennessee angler, Jim Daly, “It is no surprise to me that this little silver tube will catch fish. The first time I fished this tube, I was using a 1/32 oz. jighead with four pound test line. The very first cast was an instant hit by a nice crappie. Each of the next four cast resulted in crappie (all were keepers). Before the morning was over I had caught shellcrackers, bluegills, several largemouth bass, and one catfish of about two pounds or so and somewhat to my surprise one smallmouth. Total for the morning was between 25 and 30 fish caught. There is no doubt in my mind that this Monteleone silver tube will catch anything that swims. This is a natural with the perfect color. I can always be ready to go fishing in five minutes and will always have the Monteleone silver tube. Thanks for bringing to market. It's a great bait and so easy to fish. If you fish with these and not are catching something after a few twitches... you need to move because there are no fish in that spot.” Well lightning has struck twice; we developed another color that is sure to be a hit with the fish and the fishermen. Now there is additional eye appeal for fish in stained water. We are ready to release the Monteleone Silver “blood shot” #0650 tube. With the addition of a small red glitter infused into the plastic, fished on a 1/16th or 1/8th ounce leadhead, we now have a bait that gives off an incredible flash and appears to be an injured minnow, # 0650 shows up extremely well in discolored or clear water and, appeals to the predatory instinct of several species of fish drawing big hits from bluegill, bass and slab crappie. There’s also a Pro tube just a little shy of three inches in the same colors. Made in the USA, the prototypes have been tested and are catching everything, everywhere. Ask specifically for color #0650 Monteleone Silver “blood shot”. You can order yours by calling at 870-935-4914 or on the internet at www.midsouthtackle.com

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