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Bag Boy Electric Carts


Bag Boy has been rolling out push carts for 70 years, and they keep coming up with cool new models sporting the latest technology. Their new line of Quad Series electric carts — dubbed Navigator, Coaster and Hunter — are 22 percent smaller than previous models. All feature digital electronics with full color displays, super compact four wheel engineering and fully retractable fifth wheel for added uphill stability. All three models are built to take additional accessories including solar chargers, rain covers and scorecard holders. “With the choice of three impressively powerful models that are compact, lightweight and easy to fold, it is a new era of four wheel electric carts”, said Craig Ramsbottom, Bag Boy President.

The Navigator Quad is dynamic on every level. With a full directional remote control, it can be directed left, right, forward and reverse, giving the golfer more energy to play their best game. “It is the pinnacle of remote controlled power with intelligence to stay on track and respond to your needs at the press of a button,” said Ramsbottom. The patented Gyro “Anti-Deviation” technology helps master any terrain by keeping the cart on track irrespective of the terrain — it can literally move across a hill instead of down.

Bag Boy Electric Carts

The Coaster Quad tames the terrain thanks to the controlled downhill speed braking system and electronic parking brake. Play on a steep incline and at the press of a button activate the electronic parking brake for an absolute stop on any terrain. The Coaster conveniently stops on command using the control distance function which can be set from 5 to 65 yards and will stop at the desired distance.

Finally, the The Hunter Quad is powerful yet extremely quiet and simple to use with signature Bag Boy features including a compact frame and controlled distance function. It has a powerful, whisper quiet single 230w motor powered by 12v SLA sealed lead acid battery, or you can upgrade to Lithium ion 12v 18 amp battery.

All models fold down to 28 in. x 22 in. x 13 in. and include umbrella holder, self-leveling drink holder, USB cable for remote charting. The Navigator also includes removable padded cart seat with storage compartment, which is optional with the other models.

$2,195.95 for Navigator

$1,595.95 for Coaster

$995 or $1,195 for Hunter


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