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Ideas to get the most from Your Golf Watching Experience

For the majority of golfers your best choice to experience the game of golf is to go play. However if you truly do relish the sport there are more strategies to experience golf rather than just competing, or sitting constantly watching the Golf Channel. There are many tour events throughout the year that you can schedule yourself to see, with several more options if you reside in Florida or Southern California. Those competitions are not where you will observe the top players in the game, but for the true golf fan there's still some great golf to check out live.

1. High school golf. Many people who don't have a player in the action would go out to check out high school football or basketball, and yet they by no means would look into going to watch a high school golf competition. As with all of these sports, obviously these aren't the very best golfers. But it's still competition and you get the benefit of watching these youngsters participate from in close proximity. And believe me they are putting as much into it as with any golfer you will observe.

2. College golf. The caliber of golf this is a major step up over the high schools, and you will probably be amazed how long these kids can smack a golf ball. The galleries will be to some degree bigger than during the high school matches, but by watching these golfers around the golf green you will be able to get near to understand the excellence they demonstrate. You might even pick up some helpful tips with the way they play.

3. The mini-tours. These are also labeled developmental tours, and they are played typically in Florida and Southern California offering a restricted schedule. They are competitions that don't pay a great deal; actually, a lot of golfers at best cover expenditures. But they are playing a sport they love playing, plus their dreams like minor-league baseball players really are getting to play on the big level someday.

4. The Champion's Tour. This is for players over 50 years old, and you'll spot a number of very recognizable people on the golf course. Actually, those events are usually among the most fun to watch. They play an excellent brand of golf, but unlike some of the normal PGA tour golfers, they rely much more on course management and strategy. Furthermore, because these competitors will be more experienced and also have a lesser amount of pressure on them, sometimes they are more willing to communicate with the galleries. This will make watching the events more involved and interesting than watching golfers who are 100% business while they are competing.

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