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Treat a loved one to golf gift vouchers

When a loved one's birthday rolls around it can sometimes be difficult deciding what to buy them. No matter how well you know them, finding an original gift that is within your budget and they do not already have can be a tricky process and in many cases you might find yourself settling for something you are not actually very keen on.

Gift vouchers can be a good way to get around this problem, as they mean you can get them for a shop that sells something your friend or family member is interested in, but it gives them the chance to choose the specific gift themselves, so you cannot really go wrong.

If friends or family members love playing golf, vouchers for the sport could make the perfect gift for Christmas or a birthday. Two for one golf vouchers allow two people to play a game for the same price as one - which could be a significant saving as golf clubs can charge a lot of money to play a game.

What is more, enthusiasts can redeem them at courses up and down the UK, which means they can either play a game at a local course nearby that they are used to, or they can venture a little further afield and use their voucher as an opportunity to play somewhere they would not normally get the chance to.

There are more than 1,000 golf courses to choose from, so enthusiasts will always be able to find somewhere that suits their abilities and tastes when it comes to the type of course they prefer. While some players might prefer a fairly flat course with beautiful surrounding scenery, others might want something with a lot of bunkers to really give themselves a challenge.

Different gift packs are available so anyone purchasing them can find the right one to suit their budget. They come in ? or ?0 sets, the more expensive of which includes a free directory that players are sure to find invaluable.

One of the many courses people can choose from is St Andrew's, which is one of the most famous golf courses in the world. It is likely to be expensive to play here, so vouchers will give enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to hit the famous greens. Similarly, vouchers are also available for The Belfry, which is another top course and visitors could combine their game with a stay in the local area.

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