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How To Fix Your Golf Swing - Tips To Help You Straighten Out Your Drives And Mid Range Shots

You like golf but you are still hunting for a way to fix a slice? Straighten out your driver and understanding what causes your ball to banana. Will permit you the liberty to shoot lower scores. Imagine what type of scores you can shoot when you begin hitting it straight and long. The main cause of a crooked ball flight begins with the takeaway. Your takeaway is on the outside, resulting in a downswing that comes overboard. You most likely experience a shot pattern of left of target misses or slices way right of your target.

Implementing these pointers are going to help you begin to mend a cut.

Place a club cover just outside your ball and a foot behind it. Every time you swing try and miss the cover. Your swing is the guilty party to your wayward shots and a correct swing trail will eliminate most problems. You may also try placing your golf bag or broken club 6-12 inches behind the ball, this way you are compelled to take the club back on the inside.

Most lingering slicers have a weak grip. Meaning your top hand is turned to far to the left. Sometimes a weak grip has the thumb in the 11:00 o'clock position. Turn your give the top of the club and make it more towards the 100 o ' clock position. You will able to square the face of the club simpler on impact.

Most slicers also have the habit of keeping their position open. This helps promote an external swing plane. What generally happens is the more someone bananas the ball, the more open and left they target. Course this makes the difficulty worsen. You must go ahead and square your position by moving the front foot before the back foot.

You can fix a slice comparatively easy by practicing these tips on the range. Sometimes, this type of spin on the ball takes some time to remedy. But , with correct practice and dedication to clearing up the problem, you will see yourself straighten out your drive.

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