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Callaway FT I-Brid Iron Set

Callaway FT I-Brid Iron Set

 An evolution of the original Fusion Irons, the 2008 FTs are a product of Callaway Golf's innovative weight-shifting science — Fusion Technology. Multi-material construction allows for premium performance. Heavy Tunite weighting in the sole has been concentrated more toward the heel and toe for a higher MOI (moment of inertia) and better stability while keeping the CG low and deep. The lightweight titanium body allows for an oversize clubhead with increased offset for greater forgiveness and an increased (cheap golf clubs) effective hitting area and the TPU SenSert decreases vibration, creating an incredibly solid feel.

This set includes Callaway I-Brids: Clubs that blend the control and accuracy of irons with the forgiveness, distance and versatility of hybrids. Their low, deep center of gravity (CG) helps get the ball in the air quickly and easily, while the wide sole helps improve turf interaction. The game-improvement mid and short irons are the ultimate in forgiveness with an oversized design with an increased offset, a large effective hitting and a wide sole that improves turf interaction. A seamless performance progression throughout this fully integrated set provides consistent distance separation with optimal trajectories(cheap golf clubs ).


  1. Tunite weighting in the sole creates a higher MOI

  2. Hot titanium face produces fast ball speeds and allows for an increased effective hitting area

  3. TPU SenSert decreases vibration for an incredibly solid feel

Super Game-improvement Mid and Short Irons

Designed for the ultimate in forgiveness in its oversized design with an increased offset, a large effective hitting area and a wide sole for exceptional turf interaction.

The Callaway FT i-brid Irons are a new Fully Integrated Set Design that smoothly transitions from super game-improvement mid and short irons to the new i-brid design - clubs that blend the control and accuracy of traditional irons with the forgiveness, distance and versatility of hybrids. The lightweight titanium body, TPU SenSert and heavy Tunite alloy combine to create the most forgiving and playable clubs we've ever made.

At first glance you may think that the Callaway FT i-brid Ironsare for high handicappers only. True, they are very forgiving and easy to hit, so if you struggle with normal irons then these could be the ones for you. However the trajectory produced right through the set is very good and not the high ballooning shot you would expect. The feel was surprisingly good and at address they looked OK despite extra weight at the back of the head. The longer irons would actually make great hybrid clubs as part of a larger set, so whilst mid or even low handicappers would not be seen dead with these at 7-PW, they would be wise to swallow their pride and have a go at some of the longer irons as they are a joy to hit.

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