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Things You Need to Know About the PING Dot System

If you are wondering why none of your shots go past the pond, it's not your style of play but the golf clubs that are the problem. Before you go rushing to the sports store to buy a new pair of irons, PING has deduced a system to get the right clubs according to your size. This article tells you about the PING Dot System, which distinguishes the clubs according to color and the ways that it would benefit an individual's game of golf.

Fact about PING dot system
PING putters were used to win all 4 majors - The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship in 1988.How many times have you cursed your golf club for missing the hole? Or you keep hitting the greens despite swinging the club in the right posture? Well, luckily, you can make amends by buying a golf club that has been custom fit for you.

PING is a golf club manufacturing company started by Karsten Solheim. He created the first PING golf club in his garage after getting frustrated by his own game. He named it PING after the sound the ball made after it was hit by his custom-made club. He created the first set of irons with a perfect combination of heel-toe weighing, which he nicknamed '69'. PING clubs first tasted victory when John Barnum won the Cajun Classic Open Invitational in 1962. Karsten later created the most influential putter, which went on to score 500 wins, and was the only custom-made putter not to be banned by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Since it was the answer to most of his golfing problems, he called the club 'Anser'.

Later on, PING was the only company that offered to create custom-made irons and putters through a process called the PING Dot System.

How Does the PING Dot System Work?
The original PING system had a variation of 1 degree, but the addition of two colors led to a variance of 0.75 degrees. Each PING golf club has a color code located at the back of the clubhead.

A golf club is assigned to you by answering a questionnaire about your golfing history and your style of play. To begin, the golfer's height is measured and the wrist-to-floor distance is measured. A player with longer arms will need a longer shaft, that extends out to an angle closer to the ground, as compared to a player with shorter arms. The measurements are compared with the PING Color Chart, and an appropriate club is chosen. If the player has shorter arms, then he will need a clubhead with an upright angle, while a golfer with longer arms requires a flat-angled clubhead.

The neutral color for the clubhead is black. The blue dot clubheads have a 0.75 degree variance, followed by yellow, green, white, silver, and maroon. The clubs with a flatter angle will have the same increments starting from red, followed by purple, orange, brown, and gold.

PING Dot System Color Chart
Color Code Clubhead Angle Gold 3.75° Flat Brown 3.0° Flat Orange 2.25° Flat Purple 1.5° Flat Red 0.75° Flat Black 0.0° Flat Blue 0.75° Upright Yellow 1.5° Upright Green 2.25° Upright White 3.0° Upright Silver 3.75° Upright Maroon 4.5° Upright

Thus, PING Dot System actually enables golfers to improve their posture and aim for the hole-in-one all the time. An improper fit will result in poor swings and a lot of time spent in the sand trap.

PING keeps the award-winning clubs in the 'vault' - Each time a golfer wins a tournament, the company creates 2 gold-plated replica putters, engraved with the golfer's name and tournament date, one of which is sent to the winner, while the other is kept with the company. iPING is the first app to help golfers custom fit their skills with their putter. If you still feel the need to be convinced, you can check PING's official website for a custom fit for yourself.

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