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QUESTION: The base runner takes a lead off after the pitcher releases the ball.  The pitch is a called ball and the catcher returns the ball to the pitcher.  The base runner starts her walk back to the base she has occupied and is called out by the umpire.  Why?


If this is FP I have no idea based on your info.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It is FP...is there somekind of time limit as to when the runner starts her return to tne base? I.E. if the ball is returned to the circle should the runner start back within 2 or 3 seconds?  Could the runner have waited to longer to start back?

Hi Donna,

Ok makes much more sense now.  It seems the umpire called her out on the Look back rule (LBR)

When a runner is off base and stationary when the pitcher has control of the ball in the circle they must immediately move forward or back to a base.  They just cannot stand there.  many umpires give a 1001, 1002, but that's not in the rule.

If they are moving to a base when the pitcher has control of the ball in the circle they may stop once and then immediately advance or retreat.  They cannot fake, juke etc.


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