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Adult Swimming

I am a 30yr old adult never learnt swimming before. I started taking the adult learn to swim class at the Y. 6 sessions have passed but still not there. My instructor is teaching me freestyle. i can swim half the length of pool with help of kick board and get to coordinate my hand stroke one on one with a float support. i am really scared about even trying to swim without support and very reluctant to put my face in water but really want to know how to swim. haven't learnt any breathing techniques yet. i have taken up another 7 week session and hoping by end of this will be able to do freestyle properly. Any tips or advice on what should i concentrate more on. should i get my arms and legs coordinated well before getting into breathing part of it.

I honestly would work on getting your face in the water and getting comfortable working on a basic prone (on the stomach float) before you try to coordinate your arms and legs. That is kind of the last step.  I would ask your instructor to spend a class getting that down and then move to the kick board with kicking and w/o a kick board kicking. Then you can add your arms. Please don't get frustrated. It does take time.  Congratulations on maiking the decision to learn to swim. It is a sport that you can enjoy in the future!  

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