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beginnere diving lessons

QuestionLooking for beginner diving lessons in Baltimore for 11 year old boy.  Thank you AnswerCarol - The best place to find information on diving l

platform flat fall

QuestionHow serious are the injuries from bad fall from the 10m platform? How do you do to avoid serious injury once you are in the air and know the dive c


QuestionQUESTION: Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out with some advice. I have recently taken up highdiving, and im getting better at a forward

High Diving

QuestionWould you recommend a maximum height that it is safe to hit water from and not be injured (even if you landed on your back / bellyflopped etc)? &nb

platform diving lessons

QuestionQUESTION: Hi there: Am I ever happy to have found your board! I dont know your location based on this site, but Im looking for a diving school some


QuestionIf I have sons that want to jump off a 10 meter platform just to get a feel for the fall is that dangerous?  They have extensive experience di

Over rotating

QuestionIm in high school and I started diving off a 1m springboard, and Im having problems controlling the power I get off the board, in any dive I do, be

switching from gymnastics into diving

QuestionHi Tom, our daughter is 14 and has done gymnastics for the last 10 years, now she is kind of burned out from training 24 hrs per week and wants to

Masters program

QuestionI am looking for a masters diving program in my area. I have found numerous opportunities for swimming, but none for springboard diving. I live on

Diving lessons for a 12 yr-old

QuestionHi, My daughter is 12 yrs old and has taken a couple of summer diving classes.  She really likes it, and would like to take lessons (or join

dive list

QuestionQUESTION: My daughter was training level 9 gymnastics and had an injury and has switched to diving- she is in 10th grade- and needs to play catchup


QuestionHi, I am a gymnast and was wondering how important it is to twist with your arm up instead of both down. Im joining my high school diving team this

Divers for Sea World Show

QuestionWorld Entertainment Services, LLC. is currently recruiting springboard and platform divers to perform in the Sea World of Texas 揤iva?show.  Th

finding a coach

QuestionOur high school diving coach decided at the end of the 2006-2007 school year that he was no longer going to coach high school diving.  The sch

summer diving

Questionmy 15 yr old has begun to dive this year with DE Riptide and loves it. Do you have any recommendations as to how he can continue to dive during the

Diving spotting equipment

QuestionWe have started construction on a new swim pool with 3 meter diving platform. What is the criteria for location and loading for the diving sspottin

Can you recomend a coach in Washington State?

QuestionHello, My daughter currently dives with Crown Valley Divers in Laguna Niguel, CA.  She is going to move to Grays Harbor County in Washington

Ruptured Eardrum

QuestionHi, I am in high school and ruptured my ear drum diving. The doctor said it will take 2-6 weeks to heal, and that I can not get the ear wet during

Beginning Diver

QuestionHello! I am 14 yr. old and I am interested in diving. Unfortunately, I do not have much tumbling experience and I am having trouble finding a pool

Masters Diving Lessons?

QuestionDear Coach Trapp, Would you be able to provide any contact info for (beginners) masters diving lessons near or around Sunnyvale 94087? Neither De A

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