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Climbing The Highest Mountain Of Africa Called Kilimanjaro

There are people who feel stuck in their mundane lives. How nice it would have been if one could just get out for some days and have the adventure of their lifetime! But it always seems that adventures are for the cool guys who are on Discovery or National Geographic channel. Well, it is not so any more.
Africa has been the land of adventure for many generations. Despite the crushing poverty its population experiences and the ruthless exploitation the continent faces from its despotic leaders as well as global corporations bent on obtaining cheap diamond and gold at the cost of millions of lives, despite the ravaging of Africa’s mineral resources by global corporations backed by global political leaders, the beauty of Africa is not lost. It still has shiny green forests and lions and mountains. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain of the entire African continent. Mounting the Mount Kilimanjaro is the experience of a lifetime indeed. It has drawn many explorers to it with its beauty and the adventurous experience it provides to the climbers of it.
Mount Kilimanjaro is a volcanic mountain, but it has been in a dormant state for quite a long time. Still, its Kibo peak has holes that emit gas. There have also been landslides on Kibo. The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation lists Mt. Kilimanjaro as one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. Even though this mountain has reliable weather and access to it is not really difficult, altitude creates a serious problem for climbers. At high altitude people fall sick due to the cold and lack of oxygen in the atmosphere. Dehydration is another serious problem that those planning to climb Mt Kilimanjaro should be wary of. Yet, Mt. Kilimanjaro is known as �everyone’s Everest’. It attracts about forty thousand climbers every year. There are certain advantages that Kilimanjaro has. The most important is that it has a reliable weather condition. There is little chance of a sudden weather disaster at Kilimanjaro. The other one is that it has straightforward routes to it. These advantages make Kilimanjaro accessible to the ordinary climbers who has never climbed anything before. There are several Kilimanjaro climb companies to help the amateur climber out. These Kilimanjaro climb companies offer the necessary gears and supplies and also guides for climbers. It is advisable that the amateur climber does not climb on his or her own. It is better to have someone who knows the routes with you when you are climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Different routes take different time, but time is not the only thing that should factor in your decision as to which route to take when you climb Kilimanjaro.
If you have decided to scale this Tanzanian mountain, you have some homework to do. Get a map of the routes to Kilimanjaro and find out about them on the net. Many climbers have written accounts on Kilimanjaro, familiarize yourself with them and know about the kind of problems they faced on their way. When you are ready, brace yourself to share the experience that many passionate adventurers had, and some of whom gave their lives in it.

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