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Dive Galapagos - Visibility SUCKS when Diving the Galapagos

Dive Galapagos - Visibility SUCKS when Diving the Galapagos

Now if you're used to diving in a Quarry Pit, or a Lake, or Ocean where the visibility is not so good, then you're going to be right at home if you decide to dive the Galapagos cause the VISABILITY SUCKS in the Galapagos. Ok maybe it's not quite the same as diving in your local quarry pit, but the reason visibility is so bad when you dive the Galapagos, is because there is just so many fish it's really quite unreal.

The abundance of fish life you will see when you dive the Galapagos, is phenomenal and the variety is also extreme,  on many occasions you are engulfed in shoals of fish that take the visibility down to  just few feet as you are engulfed in fish life, as you swim out of the shoal you are met with the more normal 60-120ft viz depending on the area of the Galapagos you are diving

If you have never been Diving Galapagos, then you are in for a real treat. Diving the Galapagos is considered by all divers that have dove there, to be the best diving in the world for big marine life and the author wholeheartedly agrees in the assessment that when you Dive the Galapagos you will be diving on one of the best locations on Earth.

Dive Galapagos – Disney Land For Divers

So what is a typical dive like when you Dive Galapagos? First off the life on the surface of the water is very active and it is not untypical to see Dolphins jumping, Sea birds diving into the water after the shoals of fish that have been chased to the surface by underwater predators. You can also see Turtles surfacing to take a breath before descending back into the depths and all this before you have even descended.

Once under the water it is literally Disneyland for Divers, a wondrous place where you just don't know where to look first. The waters are teeming with life from the moment you slip under the water you will see hundreds of Sharks patrolling the waters looking for their next meal, you will see Turtles which are abundant, on multiple occasions you will bump into a pod of Dolphins that quickly comes in for an inspection of the strange looking creatures flailing about underwater. And then there are the Big Daddy's that are spotted on a very regular basis when diving the Galapagos, such as the huge Pacific Manta Rays, and their smaller cousins the Modula Rays. Manta Rays can reach a massive size, and many times the only way you know they are there, is the light suddenly dims as a massive Manta Ray flies over the top of you blocking the sunlight for a few seconds, making you look up. Then there are the Mobula Rays that are about 12-14 wingspan, they travel in groups just like a squadron of jet fighters flying by in formation, swimming  very close and circling the divers before swimming off.

Then there is grand daddy of them all, the largest fish in the sea ,the mighty Whale Shark. Whale Sharks can grow to over 40ft in length and are abundant in the Galapagos and if you have never dove with a Whale Shark your chances are very high that you will see your first one on your dive trip to Dive the Galapagos.

In late fall this is the best time to Dive Galapagos and see Whale sharks and on many many occasions dive trips have seen up to 24 Whale Sharks per 5-7 day Liveboard charter adventure.

Dive Galapagos – Required Diving For Every Diver

Diving Galapagos Islands is the Mecca for divers, and as a Muslim is required to make the pilgrimage to Mecca once in their life you as a diver should also make the pilgrimage to Dive Galapagos at least once in your life, do whatever you have to, to get there, Sell your Granny, sell the Car, dance naked in your local Mall for tips, whatever it takes to raise the funds for this trip of a lifetime. It will be worth every single cent and will be the very best dive trip you ever take, GUARANTEED

For more information on Dive Galapagos please visit the authors' website Gaz Cooper's Dive Galapagos

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