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10 Best Wide Cycling Shoes

2016/7/25 16:00:29

The ten best wide cycling shoes offer all the same amenities as any other cycling shoe. Finding wide cycling shoes is easier than you think. Cycling is a widely popular sport and wide cycling shoes are part of the business. These ten wide cycling shoes are made by top manufacturers and do not skimp on quality. Locating wide cycling shoes is a s close as the internet or your local sporting goods or specialty store. This article will introduce wide cycling shoes and their manufacturers to you. Fitting the proper wide cycling shoe is up to you and your level of comfort, need and billfold. Read on and make your own decision about this ten best wide cycling shoes.

  1. Sidi Genius 5.5 Carbon Composite Shoe. These are an exceptional cycling shoe for the wide footed rider. This lightweight and durable carbon-composite construction shoe comes with added grip to the under sole. This is a professional grade shoe meeting the needs of the serious cyclist through and through.
  2. Merrell Men's Moab Mid GORE-TEX XCR. These provide toughness in a cycling shoe combine with comfort and breathability. This shoe is a great way to introduce comfort into your cycling routing. Superior construction will keep it on the road fro years to come.
  3. Diadora Team Racer Magnum RoadShoe. This is a sleek and lightweight shoe designed for the wide footed rider. The added girth is nicely tucked away in a flattering design and mold. The carbon-composite construction is durable and pleasing.
  4. 43 Lake Cx235 Wide RoadBike Carbon Cycling Shoe. This provides a double strap system for stability and confidence. The carbon design instills durability and lightweight control. This shoe is a wonderful prospect for the intermediate cyclist looking for a step up in their footwear.
  5. Pearl Izumi Men's Octane SL Cycling Shoe. This introduces the cycling world to their custom-built wide foot shoe. This shoe is constructed of superior material that provides breathability and durability. This shoe is built on comfort and the long road ahead.
  6. Sidi Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite Shoe. These shoes mimic second skim more than a pair of cycling shoes. Fits like a glove and provides support and comfort for the cyclist. This outstanding shoe is top of the line without the snakebite to your billfold.
  7. Born Abdula Cyclist Shoe. This is a leather-based shoe that is surprisingly comfortable. Specifically constructed to accommodate a wide foot and meet the cyclist need with foot to peddle. Double stitching keeps this shoe durable with breathing slits to keep the foot cool and comfortable.
  8. Flibeo RoadCycling Shoe. This pair is European inspired and road tested cycling shoe. The tri-strap construction of this shoe is for high and low security with a construction that promotes breathability and comfort. Sleek looks in a variety of colors makes this a practical and fun shoe.
  9. Dinodirect Fashion Men Road Bike Cycling Shoe. This pair offers a little style to the shoe. These expertly crafted shoes are comfortable, durable and road tested. Dino offers a great starter shoe for the wide footed rider looking to try out the sport.
  10. Shimano SH-MT31 Shoe. This pair rounds out the top ten with a fantastic shoe that is built for the open road. Breathability is meshed into the construction that provides comfort and durability. This shoe feels more like a sock than a shoe but holds all the top grade amenities to keep you cycling.
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