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10 Best Padded Bike Shorts For Men

2016/7/25 16:00:32

The ten best padded cycling shorts are about keeping you in the race. Comfort is a big deal for cyclist and padded shorts are a big part of that comfort. Padded bike shorts are made to keep comfort where it is needed. Padded bike shorts are built to reduce fatigue and minimize sores. Long rides for a cyclist can be grueling and a solid pair of padded bike shorts can mean a world of difference. The ten best padded bike shorts in this article are all about keeping you steady. Look this list over and head out to try on the best for yourself, these padded bike shorts will not disappoint.

  1. Gore Bike Wear Men's Ozon Bibtights Short. These shorts are a professional grade pair that protects all the vital spots. This breathable and moisture resistant short provides the greatest comfort to the cyclist. With all this protection and comfort, it does not impede movement in any manner.
  2. Terry Precision Padded Cycling Short. This pair provides comfort and fatigue resistance for the mileage rider. These shorts are ultra light and comfortable, boasting unique material construction. Form fitting and non-binding making for an easy ride.
  3. Sombrio Rev Padded Bike Short. This pair is a high-end construction for the serious cyclist. Comfort fit with crash pads for added protection. These shorts provide a form fit and comfort level unsurpassed in the business.
  4. SixSixOne Bomber Under Shorts. This pair provides a unique padding construction built to provide comfort and padding in a non-intrusive manner. This pattern provides elevation and added comfort for the male cyclist. Very well put together this short will last a lifetime.
  5. Pearl Izumi Attack Bike Short. This pair starts with blended material for a form fit and non-binding movement. Added padding where it matters to provide comfort and battle fatigue. Fits like a second skin and provides breathability and moisture resistance.
  6. Canari Gel Bike Short. This pair is a gel based padded short. This technology disperses the padding across the areas in contact with the saddle. Reinforced stitching keeps the gel in its pockets and provides added security.
  7. Hebeest Breezer Board Short. This pair is a pad pocket technology that allows the cyclist to move his pads from area to area. This is great when you need some added padding to cover an injury or fatigued location. Light and loose construction makes the movement easier but the fit less secure.
  8. Zoic Ether Bike Short. This pair is for the serious cyclist looking for high impact protection. Ultra pad construction increases the intensity of support in the impact regions. Great fit allows for superior movement and security.
  9. NovaraExposure Double Bike Short. These are a durable offering for those just starting out in the cycling world. This great short provides all the comfort and durability of their bigger brothers at a lesser price.
  10. Black Pearl Padded Cycling Short. This pair provides added crotch comfort for those long saddle rides. These shorts are built sleek and adhere to the skin as if it were skin. Very soft material allowing for ease of movement and comfort fit.
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