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Bicycles For Free - Where You Can Find Free Bicycles

Nothing beats free! If you want a bicycle, now you can pick one up without having to pay anything. You just have to know where to look! Many people give away their bikes when they don't want them any more. Some people even toss them in the trash.

Every year, people give away their bikes because they don't need or want them anymore. This year you can be the person that benefits from someone else giving away their used bike.

The Internet is a great place to start your search for a free bicycle. There are two web sites in general that should be checked for bicycles that are being given away near you. Of course, you'll find much more free stuff being given away than just bicycles, so you should definitely check these out even if you don't want a free bicycle!

Freecycle.org - Join the group for your area and you'll be able to see all the free bikes (if there are any) and other stuff being given away around you. If you have stuff to give away, you can post it on here too. I gave away a skateboard that I wasn't using on Freecycle, and the kids that got it freaked out because they were so excited! It was a great feeling to give away something I wasn't using anymore to someone I knew would enjoy it!

The next site to check for free bicycles is Craigslist.com. This is a very popular site that is used by tons of people. While I like Freecycle.org because it focuses only on free stuff, Craigslist.com is used for much more than finding things being given away. Again, it depends on where you live, but for people living in or near a populated city, you should be able to eventually find someone that is giving away a bicycle on Craigslist.com. The "Free" section is located in the "For Sale" area.

Check those two sites often and you are likely to find someone giving away a free bike, (unless you live in the middle of nowhere!).

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