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Christmas Makes Your Golf Different

Golf Theme: Christmas is around the corner, how do you give the kids presents as the "Santa Claus"? Have a golf tournament! In parks, communities, and even set their own yard, "Christmas theme" golf course, will be ready to play golf as a gift, to make it more interesting to more difficult, you can set the chimney, tunnel, maze, bridges and other obstacles material. Grip the club, good handling strength, gifts over the tunnel, through the maze, and finally scored from the chimney hole. In addition, the fairy tale world, the pirates, tropical rain forest, forest gun battle theme of these new and interesting golf are waiting for you to try.


Desert Island Golf: invite two or three friends, driving oil tankers and  bring your best golf clubs to the open sea to find an independent worlds of the island. Long coastline, lush forests, boundless soft sandy beaches, blue sea and sky, sky and sea are only part of your beauty. Out of the club, your golf course to the island in the lake can be coastal, also according to slope. Unique natural topography and the perfect combination of pristine natural environment, not only can enjoy the beautiful seaside scenery, but also to enjoy the cool invigorating swing fun.


Magic Golf: no wonder that each golf fans want to have golf ball which will never be lost. Running in the water it will float up and automatically detecting their roll back to shore; hit a bird in the woods, it bared as the little bird, so you can find it without open your eyes; hit the dark, it will issue a twinkling light. The most important is that the ball  will not deviate from the established track of your dream, hitting into the  hole in one hundred percent, the magic, right?


For christmas, our golf clubs also have a series discount golf clubs for you. They cut 10%, so you can save $90 for Ping G15 irons. Want more, check our Christmas Day sale.

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