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Cemetery Reef - Dive Site Evaluations Grand Cayman

Overall Rating 2.75 out of 5

Access - Moderate; boat only and about 15 to 20 minutes from Hotels on Seven Mile Beach
Depth to 60+ ft
Visibility - moderate
Current - minimal to none
Marine Species variety - Moderate to Good; Yellow Stingrays, Turtles, Angelfishes, Blue Tang
Reef health - moderate (poor closer to shore)

Cemetery Reef is just offshore of the north end of Seven Mile Beach and is a acceptable second dive site after scuba diving on the west wall It's also possible to snorkel this site closer to shore. You can find a variety of different marine life on the site such as, Angelfishes, Blue Tangs, Blue-headed Wrasse, Blue Chromis, Spotted Drum and much more. The dive site contains a mix of coral fingers and sand channels to check out and a couple of nice Encrusting Octopus sponges.

Visibility on the dive site might be deminished a good bit on this site due to the amount of sand and bio matter in the water Nevertheless, the dive site is compelling and if you are patient you can get several excellent underwater images. You may discover Yellow Stingrays on this dive site partially obscured in the sand. There is also a "lawn chair" sitting in the sand where you can take a picture of your dive buddy.

Some divers have seen Nurse Sharks on this dive site but it is not common. The reef is in poor to moderate shape over a good deal of the dive site nevertheless you will yet come across some quite nice hard corals and soft corals. You might also find a Green Morays or 2 secluded in the coral. Be sure you check out the under hangs and pockets in the coral reef. You may also come across Spiny Lobsters along with additional crustaceans. At this dive site there more than a few expansive areas of sand that can be found at numerous places on this dive site and are great places to search for various kinds of rays, such as the Yellow Stingray}. I have found a few juveniles on the dive site from time to time.

Close up wide angle along with macro photography are best to use on this dive site owing to the quantity of sand and bio matter that are typically in the water. There is also a fairly good variety of marine species on the site and you might see the elusive Spotted Drum. This is typically a scuba diving site that you can dive with a buddy or you may be able to follow your dive master on a guided tour. It makes a nice variation from one of the standard second scuba diving sites on the west side particularly if you have not been to the site it is definitely worth at least one trip.

As in all dives I suggest going slowly and take the moment to enjoy this site. Read additional site evaluations on my blog and look at other underwater photography on my website and follow me on Twitter @ images2inspire.The pool is open...

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