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Getting into college football

I have been working out since my senior season of highschool and keeping in good shape. That was last year and this is my first and hopefully last year at a community college where there is no football. My question is how would I get a college programs workout, get on campus and meet the coach, and get invited to their spring day to help my status of walking on. Basically I just need to know how to get my foot in the door and I will do the rest. Or is it even possible since I am not still playing football to get invited or anything that i have asked?



It is so much easier that you think.  First write a letter to the coach expressing your interest.  Do that within the next 2 weeks.  Follow up in January with a visit to the football office or another letter.  Ask for a work out and express your interest for a try out.  Make sure you visit the campus before the end of March and ask to spend 5 minutes with the coach or the recruiting coordinator.  It is all about self promotion, but you need to get this done no later than the second week of January.

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