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The Best New Ice Axes

There were some interesting innovations to the classic ice axe design on display at OutDoor 2015 as well as some well-thought-out re-workings of classic models.

The Best New Helmets

For the past few years, the focus of helmet design has been in producing lighter, well-ventilated models that prioritise the comfort of the user. This has lead

The Way Climbing's Going

Following the 2015 OutDoor Show in Friedrichschafen, Germany, Ive written extensively on the new climbing gear that’s set to be hitting the shelves in 2016. I c

The Best New Clothing From OutDoor 2015

With outdoor clothing, it can often feel like the only things that ever change are that clothes get lighter and clothes get warmer. This was certainly true of m

The 5 Biggest Stories In Climbing This Week

Theres been a little of everything in the news this week, from attempts on the Eiger North Face to pulling on plastic in the desert. Read on to get the full sto

The Best New Cams From OutDoor 2015

2015 was hardly a banner year in terms of new pieces of climbing protection, but a lot of the big brands did make important updates to the design of their cams

The Stories Behind 5 Incredible Climbing Films

EpicTVs inaugral BoooomFest filmmaking compettion has just wrapped up and the response from the climbing community has been fantastic. One of the most impressiv

The 5 Biggest Stories In Climbing This Week - 15-21/08/2015

At first glance, it might not seem like the last week was the biggest in terms of climbing news. Scratch the surface however and youll see that there was actual

5 Times The Mainstream Media Completely Failed At Understanding Climbing

Every now and then something really groundbreaking happens in climbing. Sometimes those feats of athleticism or bravery are so extraordinary they can fire up th

Ocún Release New Range Of Climbing Shoes

Ocún have been making climbing harnesses and crash mats for several years and they have recently diversified their range of products dramatically. On top of thi

How To Make An Alpine Quickdraw

The Alpine Quickdraw, or extendable Quickdraw, is a great tool for alpine climbing, wandering trad routes and even some sport climbs.This article will take you

Boot Bananas And The End Of Climbing Shoe Stench

“Here, take a whiff of that!”,“Oh dude, that’s pretty bad. But try sticking your nose in these!”“Jeez man! Did something die in there!?” Here we listen to

Abbiamo testato le nuove scarpette Ocún

Ocún per anni ha prodotto Imbragature e Crash Pad, ma ultimamente ha diversificato di parecchio la sua gamma prodotti. Lavorando in collaborazione con Rock Pill

5 Ways To Make Your Climbing Shoes Last Longer

Climbing shoes are one of the single biggest investments you will make as a climber and the odds are that if youre climbing regularly, youll go through at least

5 Things You Need To Know About The Tenya IATI

Spanish climbing shoe manufacturer Tenaya have just released their latest creation, the IATI. Here are the 5 main things you should know about this shoe.1. Alex

6 Knots That Every Climber Should Know

It is a fact, universally acknowledged, that a climber in posession of a rope will inevitably start tying knots in it to impress their friends.Whether youre loo

How To Not Lose Your Climbing Shoes

If youve ever been multi-pitch climbing, youve doubtless experienced just how painful even a comfortable pair of climbing shoes can become when you wear them fo

What Makes A Good Indoor Climbing Rope?

There are plenty of reasons that you might be looking for a rope to use primarily indoors. Maybe youve just started out and dont plan on heading outside any tim

3 Days With Shauna Coxsey

As part of an original EpicTV series, weve followed Shauna Coxsey through 2015, focusing on three very different days in her calendar to give an insight into th

Adam Ondra Climbs New 9b/5.15b 'C.R.S'

Adam Ondra has done it again, establishing another cutting-edge route, this time in France at the newly opened cliff of Mollans which according to Adam has amaz

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