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5 Ways To Stay Warm At The Crag This Winter

All psyched climbers know that the best conditions arrive with cold weather. Of course there’s nothing better than basking in the summer sun, lazily climbing up

How Gore-Tex Really Works.

Gore-Tex has become a household name. It’s something that we always look out for when buying a jacket. Those seven, hard capital letters subtly imprinted into m

Ueli Steck's Gear Guide

Ueli steck AKA the “Swiss Machine” is a self-professed gear freak and prides himself in his enormous collection of kit. Selecting what to use for his 82 su

Easter Climbing Locations

Easter is the perfect opportunity to get away for a bit of spring climbing. Whether you’re heading out for a long weekend, or taking advantage of the Easter bre

Your First Trad Rack

When I first started climbing I remember looking enviously at other people’s trad racks. Those shiny collections of clinking metal foretold stories of adventure

Advanced Trad Gear

The first time I saw micro gear they scared the hell out of me. Tiny brass nuts hanging off a rack with an unbelievably small wire threaded through them. The id

Edu Marin - Catalonian Climbing In The Best Shape Of His Life

You’re in amazing shape at the moment, have you been training lots?Its true that im feeling super good on all levels at the moment. Im happy and psyched, lookin

Scarpa Vapour Lace Long Term Test - Part Two

A few months ago I started testing the new Scarpa Vapour lace. I wrote an article about my first impressions of the shoe. Since then I have had the opportu

Snakes, Ladders and Tunnels

One does not simply walk into Mordor. However, it turns out that you can get there via a series of rusty ladders, low tunnels and loose chains. This way is know

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