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Easter Climbing Locations

Easter is the perfect opportunity to get away for a bit of spring climbing. Whether you’re heading out for a long weekend, or taking advantage of the Easter break to plan a longer trip, there are plenty of destinations out there.     We’ve picked our top four climbing getaways and the gear you’ll need to crush your chosen routes. First up it’s the magical forest of Fontainebleau. Where: Fontainebleau   Why: Simply a boulderer’s paradise. Sandy areas such as Les Trois Pignons and Bas Curvier provide problems for every climber and skill level.   Type of Climbing: Bouldering   Rock: Sandstone   Difficulty: There are many, many climbs, on a huge variety of boulders. From beginners slabs to super hard 8c classics, Font has it all!   Accommodation: You can hire a ‘Gîte’ (self catering accommodation), grab a hotel, or chose a cheap campsite. There are three main campsites in the area and a few smaller options. The prices are very reasonable and some allow you to light fires. Easter Gear

A truly amazing place for an Easter break...

Hiangle Five Ten
Where: Kalymnos, Greece   Why: Warm but not too hot, Easter is one of the best windows of the year to go. Even better, Easter in Kalymnos is a big deal. Festivals, celebrations and the lobbing of explosives (dynamite) is truly a great combination. Couple this with some top notch sport routes, and Kalymnos has a lot to occupy you for the Easter holidays.   Type of Climbing: Sport climbing   Rock: Limestone   Difficulty: There is so much climbing here that you will be spoilt for choice. Kalymnos is a fantastic place to push your grade, as the variety of climbs means you can pick one to suit your style.   Accomodation: Masouri, Armeos and Myrties are all good villages for accessibility to crags and they have plenty of affordable hotels.

This will make you want to book a flight...

Vapour Lace Scarpa
Vapour Lace
Canyon 2015 ABK
Canyon 2015

Where: Finale

Why: A world-renowned area in Northwest Italy, with pleasant weather during Easter. It has white sandy beaches, a pretty town and many awesome limestone cliffs. You'll be spoilt for choice with the ammount of routes on offer.   Type of Climbing: Sport   Rock: Limestone   Difficulty: Hosting mainly single pitches, Finale requires more technical, advanced climbing. Not a place for complete beginners, most crags start at 6a and quickly jump up in difficulty.   Accommodation: Whether dirtbagging it or going deluxe, there are a wide range of camping and hotel options in and around the town.

The Italian Riviera...hard to beat!

Shark 2.0 Mad Rock
Shark 2.0
OZ Quickpack Black Diamond
OZ Quickpack
Where: Mallorca   Why: Some of the best deep water soloing on the planet.   Type of Climbing: Loads of deep water soloing as well as sport climbing and multi-pitch options.   Rock: Limestone   Difficulty: Open to all, depending on whether you head east or west. East offers more deep water soloing, but head west to explore what’s on offer in the Tramuntana mountains if you want to push yourself.   Accommodation: You can always find a good deal on a villa in Mallorca.

Chris Sharma showing us how it should be done...

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