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After a few years of riding short boards, I tried a long board and I`d like to buy one.  I`ve seen ads for "high performance" long boards, wooden longboards, nose riders, and lots of variation on rocker.
I just want to be able to ride small to medium Northern California mushy waves.  Will more rocker make it easier to catch waves?  What is a good size, thickness, rocker,  to get?
Any tips on brands?  I`d rather keep cost low.


Im in So   Cal, the brand should be a local guy. If I was in your shoes, I would try one of the new " hybrids". Wider, thicker, more of a flat spot, less rocker, smaller  than a longboard, a good transition board. Actually a good all around board, floats  ya, performs, FUN. Your pal, Leroy.

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