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Fishing Articles : Live Bait - The Terminal End

Taken out of context, this title may seem redundant. To a fisherman however, it has a special meaning. There are really two ends to a fishing line. One end is f

Fishing Articles : 3 Bass Rigs You Really Ought to Learn!

Many of today抯 anglers all too often seem to have the enthusiasm to get themselves all psyched up for that big day of fishing the following day only to

Fishing Articles : Spinner Baits

Through all the years of teaching students bass fishing skills and techniques, as well as many former guide clients I have taken on bass fishing trips,

Fishing Articles : Jerk Baits

There are two basic types of Jerkbaits that are sold on the bassin?market today, and they would fall in the categories of Hard-Jerkbaits and Soft-Jerkb

Fishing Articles : Color Selection

How many of you anglers who walk into Tackle Shops, Discount Stores, K-Marts, Wal-Marts, etc., go straight to the sporting goods department, look for t

Fishing Articles : Bucktail Lures, Rigging and Jigging

For every serious fisherperson, another story about the bucktail lure must also exist. There have been books and articles too numerous to count written about th

Fishing Articles : Jiggin It

Jigs come in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, and even skirt materials. There are a bunch of different ways to fish them as well. However, to be abl

Fishing Articles : Fish Attractants

There has been a lot of controversy over fish attractants, otherwise known as fish scents or fish formulas. In the past, I抳e noticed that many of my fo

Fishing Articles : Did You Ever Chum A Pollock?

Years ago, I had the honor and privilege to fish with Capt. Charles Fischett on his boat the Three Daughters. My father and he were good friends and fi

Fishing Articles : Carolina Rig Fishing

Carolina, split-shot, mojo rig, no matter what you call it, it serves you the same way, IT CATCHES FISH. No matter which situation you use these rigs i

Fishing Articles : Bunker Dunking Swivel Rig Update

In October of 1990, an article that I had written appeared in this publication. In that article titled Terminal Livelining, I discussed a method for ri

Fishing Articles : Fall Plastics

Fall Plastics By Kevin Dahlke When the fall season comes along, it is always a guess as to what we are going to throw out there into the water to catc

Fishing Articles : Catfish and Carp

Some fish prefer live bait, others like artificial lures, and many species will even eat cut bait. But the catfish is one of the few, if not the only one t

Fishing Articles : Flutterbaits for crappie

Hang time. Michael Jordan had it in spades. Shaquille O扤eal梟ot so much. Leaves hang, flutter and fall on a warm autumn breeze. Acorns don抰 hang or flut

Fishing Articles : LIVE BAIT: Everything there is to know卆s far

So far, you抳e watched short-form videos on Nightcrawlers, Minnows, Exotic Species, Leeches and gathering Crayfish. So now comes the final volume, the c

Fishing Articles : New Rippin Lips?Catfish Bait

Catfish are beautiful. Or if not exactly beautiful, then at least maybe we can agree on adjectives like distinguished, pleasingly plump and vaguely car

Fishing Articles : Swim Jig Bass Workout

Although best known for his dexterity with a square bill crank, B.A.S.S. Elite Series Tournament touring pro Kevin Short also loves to swim a jig梕speci

Fishing Articles : Crankbaits for Great Lakes Trout and Salmon

Cast. Troll. Fish them high in the water column or low. Tie on a bodybait and ply any of the Great Lakes for trout and salmon and you抣l often have the

Fishing Articles : Color and Scent For Big Smallies

25-year-old Aaron Wiebe is a self-described 損rofessional fishing addict?who抎 rather sleep in his truck than miss out on the morning bite梠r sleep in his

Fishing Articles : Rippin Lips?Scent Trail

Ask science fiction to conjure a superhero with otherworldly senses of taste and smell and the resulting futuristic freak would likely resemble a catfi

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