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Fishing Articles : Frabill抯 FXE Stormsuit wins 態EST APPAREL?at ICAST 2010

Fishing-focused company抯 new advanced raingear dominates the category Las Vegas, NV ?Day One at ICAST was a wrap, the Frabill?troops collecting and ga


Smooth and tough BIONIC ICE?Fishing Line is built for fishing real North Country winters. Bemidji, MN ?Calling ice fishing an 揺xtreme sport?is no exagg

Fishing Articles : Frabill Taps Two Ice Fishing All-Stars

Technique focused Ice Hunter rod and reel combos bolstered with new guide-driven models Jackson, Wis. ?Imagine a group of the best ice fishing guides i

Fishing Articles : Frabill抯 FXE Stormsuit

Yes, Frabill抯 FXE Stormsuit won 態est New Apparel?at ICAST. Yes, we抳e been touting its unmatched performance and intelligent engineering and attention t

Fishing Articles : Lady抯 touch Arctic Fox combos & tip-up

No self-respecting female ice angler would be caught dead setting hooks with rods and reels borrowed from her gentlemanly significant other. Indeed, ev

Fishing Articles : Frabill抯 Ice equipment organizer & transport

In a recent post-deer hunt (buck-less), fireside chat with ice fishing icon Brian 揃ro?Brosdahl, the conversation, as predicted, shifted from antlers an

Fishing Articles : Frabills Trekker MAX & Commando MAX

One of the sweetest things about my boat is what抯 called 揻ishability.?My Lund is simply the most supremely comfortable and convenient craft from which

Fishing Articles : Tightlining for Panfish through the ice

Picture sweet little cherries dangling enticingly on low-hanging vines. Coveting eyes watch the juicy fruits intently, insatiably. Now swap the cherrie

Fishing Articles : MarCum Latest Ice Fishing Underwater Cameras

A captivating ice angling trend is afoot. Folks who抳e never stepped onto frozen water have suddenly, literally become transfixed by the sport. Even gri

Fishing Articles : UV Rapala Jigging Raps

Color matters, especially through the ice. Either a fish sees the bait and pounces, or something drab potentially goes unnoticed. For decades ?literall

Fishing Articles : ShowDown Troller 2 Ultimate Ice Fishing Sonar

A delightfully diminutive departure from traditional ice fishing sonar, category leader MarCum Technologies ventured forth last winter with a major con

Fishing Articles : LX-6 Digital Sonar System

Picture a roomful of sonar engineers scurrying around a laboratory like players on the gridiron. Garbed in their 揾ome?uniforms梬hite labcoats and pens i

Fishing Articles : StrikeMaster Upgrades The 4-Stroke Ice Auger

Not so many years ago the auger artisans at StrikeMaster again put their signature on ice fishing. Ahead of the pack, in conjunction with a universal t

Fishing Articles : Frabills Calibrator Line Counter Tip-Up

A wise man once said, 揔nowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch.?Surely such a prophetic individual must have been an ice angler, and very lik

Fishing Articles : All-In-One GPS Mapping, Sonar, Graph

On the windblown icescapes of Devils Lake, North Dakota, guide and fishing pro Jason Feldner says, 揊ishing without good electronics is like bringing a


In Hollywood, facelifts are for the sake of vanity. Most often realized as the contorted, sometime gruesome fabrication of a face that was likely aging

Fishing Articles : Frabill抯 Jiggler Long Rod series

There抯 a back-to-the-future movement afoot in ice fishing. For over a decade, there抯 been a virtual space-race to see who could develop the most sensit

Fishing Articles : Frabill Thermal Hub Shelters

Early mankind, perched on rapidly freezing northern grounds, quickly figured out a way to stay warm: they made fire. Folks a bit later figured out that

Fishing Articles : Aqua-Vus Micro Plus with DVR

Bro, as he抯 known far and wide, has a number of ice fishing firsts to his name. He was the first to popularize micro dropper-rigs for panfish ?minuscul

Fishing Articles : Shallow Water Ice Fishing

Ice anglers are finally coming around to the idea of fishing shallow during winter months. Especially during early and late ice, skinny depths of eight

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