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Yellow Perch Fishing Tips

Yellow Perch Fishing Tips  If you want to catch some yellow perch, you don’t have to drive to Lake Erie to fill a cooler. Upground reservoirs, a type

White Bass Fishing Tips

White Bass Fishing Tips  White bass can be caught in many of Ohio’s larger reservoirs and their tributaries. Some of the best white bass fishing in the sta

Walleye Fishing Tips

Walleye Fishing Tips  Each year the Division of Wildlife stocks more than 20 million walleye fry and 2.5 million walleye fingerlings in 15-20 reservoirs to

Rainbow/Brown Trout Fishing Tips

Rainbow/Brown Trout Fishing Tips The Ohio Division of Wildlife stocks “catchable” rainbow trout (10-14 inches) during spring and fall in various lakes and ponds

Sunfish Fishing Tips

Sunfish Fishing Tips  Sunfish are found in almost any water area in the state. They provide fishing opportunities to anglers of all skill levels and are co

Advanced Steelhead Fishing Tips

Advanced Steelhead Fishing Tips  The Ohio Division of Wildlife’s Lake Erie steelhead trout fishery is maintained by stocking approximately 400,000 6-

Basic Steelhead Fishing Tips

Basic Steelhead Fishing Tips   The Ohio Division of Wildlife’s Lake Erie steelhead trout fishery is maintained by stocking approximately 400,000 6- to

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips  Few experiences are more thrilling than watching a smallmouth bass leap through the air at the end for your fishing line. Wad

Saugeye Fishing Tips

Saugeye Fishing Tips Saugeye are a hatchery-produced hybrid made from a cross between a female walleye and a male sauger that are particularly well-suited for O

Sauger Fishing Tips

Sauger Fishing Tips  Naturally reproducing populations of sauger are most abundant in the Ohio River, but they also occur in Lake Erie drainages. Sauger ar

Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Northern Pike Fishing Tips  Ohio is at the southern extent of the northern pike native range so populations are localized and mostly restricted to Lak

Muskellunge Fishing Tips

Muskellunge Fishing Tips   General Information:Muskellunge, typically referred to as “muskie”, are stocked in 10 reservoirs in Ohio, nine of these are

Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips  Largemouth bass are one of Ohio’s most popular fish and can be caught in ponds, streams, rivers and nearly all inland lakes a

Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing Tips

Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing Tips  Hybrid striped bass are a cross between white bass and striped bass, and pound-for-pound, one of the hardest-fighting fis

Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappie Fishing Tips   Crappies are one of Ohio’s easiest fish to catch and are great for trips intended to get kids hooked on fishing. Common in many

Catfish Fishing Tips

Catfish Fishing Tips  Catfish can be found across the Buckeye State, but they vary in types and sizes. Whether it is bullheads in farm ponds, channel catfi

Carp Fishing Tips


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