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Are These Two New Cleveland Golf Fit for You?

The key is to put pressure on the victory of playing. It can cause opponents to make mistakes or take adverse fluctuations.

For example, if your opponent hit a good drive, you can afford the expense of some distance, hit the target attempts to close or take a 3-wood or a combination of relaxation shot just you against him short.

First, I want to say the cleveland cg16 wedge. It offers the playability and forgiveness of an iron, with the spin control of a wedge. This technology offers the maximum conforming dimensions within each groove whilst adding four laser-milled texture lines between each groove to increase the ball-to-club friction. Cleveland say that this style of wedge is very popular on Tour, especially in the sand iron lofts.

Then, you should be able to use the pressure of close shots. This is a good strategy to employ in the last few holes. Efforts by them to meet you take even a little bit. This is often in a poor swing. Match play is a balancing act. You're always weighing the need to put pressure on your opponent against the need to win the hole.

The player who plays the best under pressure, regardless of their golf handicap usually wins the match. but handling pressure is not something golf lessons prepare you for. It's something you need to experience yourself.

Second is the new cleveland cg15 oil quench wedge. It is the most technologically advanced wedge that Cleveland Golf has introduced to the wedge market in almost a decade. Cleveland's new manufacturing technique protects the grooves throughout the construction of the club meaning the grooves on the finished club are exactly the same as they were when they were originally milled. This means that the CG15 grooves are able to get much more spin than any previous Cleveland wedge.

Golfers will notice that this means the CG15 is much more consistent and that difference between different lofts is much less pronounced than on other wedges. Although the rules on grooves are changing the Cleveland CG15 will be eligible for play by amateur until at least 2024 giving golfers the chance to enjoy the potential of maximum spin for years to come.

With respect to the tour, we feel that these are good wedges for aspiring mid handicappers and those who want more forgiveness from a wedge they use a lot from the fairway. They are really excellent golf clubs.

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