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Radio Interview

Hello my name is chevy daniels. Host of the rockin wrestling show, heard on www.blogtalkradio.com/chevydaniels and www.sportskeeda.com . We would like to scedule a interview with you to discuss a therumour of Shawn Michaels faking injuries during his career to get vacation time from the WWE. please let us know your availability, as we would love to have you on the show to talk about this.

We would be happy to plug your page and anything else you would like us to promote on the show

Chevy da

Hi Chevy,

Sounds like an interesting subject however I was under the impression that Mr Michaels faked injury not for vacation time but to avoid doing the "job" especially when it came to losing titles. If you remember in 1995 he was stripped of the Intercontinental title after he was attacked outside a club and was unable to compete and at Wrestlemania 14 he was supposed to drop the title to Bret Hart but was "injured".

I had never heard the rumour that he used injury for vacation time. So with that said I do not believe I could be of much help to the subject but I am still available if any other subjects come up that fit my expertise. (also if you don't mind paying for a trans-Atlantic call )
Thank you for your interest, and hope to speak soon.


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