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Why to Choose a Gunite Pool?

2016/7/21 11:10:51

If getting a swimming pool constructed in your yard is on your mind, you should know that there are many different types that can be made. A preferred and popular choice is the gunite pool.

Fact about Gunite pools gunite poolYou can personalize a gunite pool by painting it, using an array of colored tiles and pebbles, and even by installing a waterfall in it!Gunite is a combination of cement, sand, and water, which is applied through a pressure hose. It is a unique method of using concrete, which is used vastly in building bridges, water tanks, pools, and tunnels.Due to its durable and cost-effective characteristics, you have the freedom to build your pool any way you like. Be it round in shape or one in a modern design with steps or with a waterfall, personalizing your pool along with a customized shape, size, depth, color, and adding additional amenities are endless.But don't forget to take the help of skilled and reliable professionals to help you get your dream pool, who will not just give you a beautiful design, guidance, but will also ensure that your project is completed as per your requirements.gunite poolAs compared to concrete pools, gunite pools are easier to build. A rebar framework which is sprayed with a concrete and sand mix reduces the construction time. Building a gunite pool begins with digging a hole as per the design chosen. Then, the plumbing is assembled into it, along with steel rods or fiber mesh (these are called rebars). These rebars are at a distance of about 10 inches apart, and are secured with additional reinforcement.gunite poolA heavy coat of gunite mixture is sprayed onto the walls and floor of the pool. Skilled workers then smoothen, trim, and shape the structure, giving it a finer finish. It is then let to rest and harden for around a week or two. Another coat is applied to give it a finer and smoother finish. Due to its custom make, you can choose to include waterfalls and customized steps.Later, it is applied with a finish which can be a mix of mater viz. marble sand mix, concrete paint, pebbles or glass; giving it a personalized finish.Gunite Pool BenefitsDesign Flexibilitygunite poolGunite pools can be made as per your specifications, in any shape, size, or color, which will means, it will work with any size, depth, and shape of the outdoor landscape. You can even install steps and fountains to give it an enhanced look altogether.PersonalizeA finishing coat gives the pool a smoother finish. People often prefer a cement and marble sand mix, which is called a plaster finish. It comes in an array of shades for decking up the pool. Another popular method is a special concrete paint. You could also try tiling the pool surface or even giving it a fiberglass finish. You can also use pebbles or glass to give it a high-end look. At the end, you can add whatever amenities you like to make the pool just the way you want.DurableWhen you think of building this type of pool, do consider giving it a better finish, as it will last you longer. As compared to different types of in-ground pools, these pools are very durable, and built to last.Value to the PropertyDue to its years of durability, personalized look, and customizing flexibility, this pool not just looks good, but also but adds value to your property. Besides, who wouldn't like a private, customized pool right in their backyard.Easy on the PocketIts manufacturing flexibility, viz. size, and material for finishing this in-ground pool, works very favorably on the budget. If planned well and constructed as per plan, the cost of these kinds of pools are more often than not cheaper than other types.MaintenanceOf course there is maintenance needed, because the pool's surface is in the water, and can be a breeding grounds for algae. It requires the use of chemicals to clean the water and sanitize the pool. The plaster finish must be reapplied around every 10 to 15 years, depending on the wear and tear of the pool. In addition to this, you will require to clean the filters regularly.If you have chosen a gunite pool design, don't cut corners while installation, and it will last you longer.
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