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Swimming Tips for Beginners and Experienced Swimmers

Swimming tips for beginners but also more exerienced swimmers. Quickly fix certain aspects of your technique and swim strokes.Wh

Freestyle Stroke – A Few Simple Tips

  During swimming, its very important that you calm all your nerves. One way to do it is to think about your favorite song.While doing freestyle, get a goo

Freestyle Swimming – 10 Tips to Improve your Technique

Having a good freestyle swimming technique is essential for an effective stroke. Being effective means either being relaxed whil

How to Swim Faster – The Six Principles of Fast Swimming

Have you been wondering how to swim faster for months or even years without ever finding a satisfactory answer? If this is the c

Swimming Backstroke: How to Avoid Bumping into the Wall with the Head

Our reader Suzanne writes:While swimming backstroke how do I avoid hitting the end of the pool with my head? It’s a fear I

How To Teach Yourself To Swim – Some Tips for Faster Progress

If you want to teach yourself to swim and don’t have access to a swim coach or swimming lessons, don’t despair! The

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